10 Ways To Feel Successful When You’re Sure You’re A Failure

by Leo Cartland

If you have no money that doesn’t mean you are a failure and should go hide in the nearest corner. Success is measured in many ways, most of which have nothing to do with monetary value. While a high net worth can help you live comfortably, it doesn’t determine who you are or whether or not you live to do good for the world. So, let’s explore 10 ways you are successful even if you don’t see it.

#1 Respect Is At The Forefront

When you approach others with respect, no matter their station in life, you have already reached a level of success many never reach. Every person has their share of difficulties, stresses, strengths, and talents. When you acknowledge people are more alike than they will ever be different, you set your life up to reach more people.

#2 Altruism Is Your Goal

Helping others takes a certain mind and heart. Not everyone, no matter how much money they possess, is willing to be compassionate with those who have less than themselves. They may become snobbish or stingy with their money. You, on the other hand, seek out those who are in need in order to better their lives. Your heart is large and you support others’ dreams in addition to supporting your own.

#3 Your Confidence Has No Shades Of Arrogance

10 Ways To Feel Successful When You’re Sure You’re A FailureIt is one thing to be confident and another to be arrogant. When you pair self-belief with humility you become a person who is both inspiring and relatable. Because you have chosen to not become snobbish no matter what your achievements, you motivate others to be like you. They have seen you reach for the top, fail, and then try again. As your success climbs, your humanity and humility will push others to do the same, because they have seen you do it.

#4 You Hit The Bottom And Climbed Back Up

When you hit the bottom of the ladder in any field and resolve to start climbing, you have shown the makings of a successful person. Whether you reach the first rung or the fiftieth, just by fighting against that immense failure proves you are a person with an iron will. You motivate others because failure is not in your vocabulary or philosophy. You only have three words: fall, stand, win. And that’s awesome. With your humility, you are a motivational force that can get others off of their couches, through the door, and out into the world making their own dreams come true.

#5 Improvement Never Ends

No matter where you are in life, at the top, bottom, middle, you are always looking to become better. You know that improvement is a never-ending part of life and you don’t rest on your laurels or previous performance. For you, there is no limit to your potential. It rises high into the sky and out into the galaxy.

#6 You Say No And Mean It

Successful people know there are only 24 hours in a day and for health, at least six of them must be used for sleep. So, they quickly learn to say no to people who will spend their time frivolously. Similar to the idea of not needing praise, you are avoiding people pleasing by protecting your time.

#7 Your Time Management Is Well-developed

The ability to plan your time and meet deadlines is a great sign of long-term success. Using time effectively, rather than efficiently, is the ultimate goal for a successful person. Just because you are getting a lot done, it doesn’t mean they are the right things. Before starting your work, always be sure to focus on the most impactful tasks. As you complete these items, efficiency should increase naturally. If you are given many tasks in the day and accomplish them, then you are a success. Many people don’t have or never learn this skill.

#8 You Hang Around Successful People

10 Ways To Feel Successful When You’re Sure You’re A FailureYou cultivate relationships with people who are aiming for success. Have you noticed the crowd highly successful people hang with? Definitely not your average Joes and Joannas. Highly successful people surround themselves with other highly successful people. Just being around others with ambition and drive will inspire you to dream bigger, work harder, and maximize every opportunity. Also, the networking potential is greatly increased when you are around people who are future-oriented. When enveloped by those who are building skills, you can develop your weak areas and help them improve theirs.

#9 You Hold Yourself Accountable

As a child, you blamed like a child, but now that you’ve grown older you’ve put away those childish notions and only blame yourself. With wisdom, you’ve discovered that nearly every situation in your life is created by your own actions or inactions. You have complete control of your decisions, who you surround yourself with, and your reactions to setbacks and poor behavior by others. This decision to take control of yourself stems from a growth-mindset that is geared towards harnessing your inner power.

#10 Time Is Precious

You don’t allow others to drag you to events that are of no interest to you or will waste your time. No matter where you are in your life, your time is precious. Watching TV all day, playing video games, or daydreaming can eat up your precious time. You have a purpose and you have been given the time to find and capitalize on this purpose. When you have found your direction you will regard time as the invaluable entity it has always been.

Whether you have tons of money or little, you are a success if you strive to improve every day and fill your life with happiness. If monetary success is your intention, then you can achieve these goals with many of the traits you already possess. Keep striving for what you want.

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