4 Bodyweight Exercises for At-Home Leg Muscle Gain

4 Bodyweight Exercises for At-Home Leg Muscle Gain

After all the sitting down and festive resting you’ve been doing this December, you probably want to build your leg muscle mass back up after the holi

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preview-full-wheels-of-steel-al-kavadlos-bodyweight-legs-workout-3 - CopyAfter all the sitting down and festive resting you’ve been doing this December, you probably want to build your leg muscle mass back up after the holiday season and the likelihood is you’re going to want to be hitting the gym as much as you can. However, with all that overspending during the festivities, a gym membership can sometimes be a bit of stretch on those dollars. Instead, you could get down to doing some home exercises to strength those muscles and really get yourself back into shape. There’s no excuse for missing ‘Legs Day’ when you have this handful of exercises to get those quads and calves back on the go.

  1. Squat-Tuck Jump Combo

Firstly, stand with your feet hip-width apart with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Make sure you don’t have anything breakable and you’re not on shaky ground (best to do this on the ground floor in case you fall through the ceiling!). Clasp your hands together in front of you at chest height. Now squat down into a ballet squat and then stand up quickly, jumping into a tuck jump. As your feet hit the floor, squat again immediately. Repeat this process and you’ll start to feel a real burn in those thighs.

  1. Pistol Squats

This is a great at-home exercise which not only tones your legs but also builds core strength, helping with balance. Stand with your legs hip-width apart, and shift your weight to one leg. Now stand on one leg, and slowly yet in a controlled manner, squat down on the other leg, stretching the lifted leg out in front of you, parallel to the floor. While doing this, raise your arms to be parallel with the floor; this helps with balance and tones the abdominal muscles. Repeat this, alternating legs after 4 squats per leg.

  1. Side Lunges

Side lunges are a good hip opener and they help to tone the buttocks while stretching and contracting the legs, to build more flexible strength. Stand with your legs wider. Alternately squat one leg, while the other stretches, with your hands clasped in front of you. The motion should be a side to side action, and your back should remain bent forward from the waist slightly, but straight from waist to the crown of the head.

  1. Falling Tower

You will need a chair for safety. Kneel on the floor, knees hip width apart, with the chair a foot behind your feet (seat facing you). Make sure you are kneeling upward with your thighs straight up, perpendicular to your calves (don’t sit back on your heels). Place your arms behind your back and clasp them together. Without sitting back on your heels, slowly lean backward with control until your head touches the chair. Now bend back forward into the upright kneeling position. This will tone both the calves and thighs, while also helping to work on the abdominal muscles.

preview-full-squat-titleThese four exercises are great to try at home and will quickly help you to regain the muscle loss from the indulgent holiday period. You will find a very quick difference in muscle mass from bodyweight exercises, especially when combined with muscle gain supplements such as NitroGenix365, as they help to encourage the muscles to work most effectively, and respond efficiently to the daily exercise you’re completing.