4 Inconspicuous Indications You Could Have Clogged Arteries

by Scott Elliot

In the United States alone, approximately 400,000 people are casualties of coronary heart disease (CHD) every year while more than 700,000 suffer from heart attack. While it’s best to prevent the onset of heart disease, early detection is also crucial. This can motivate someone to make the necessary lifestyle modifications to improve one’s health.

This can also make use of therapies that can hinder or avoid the start of a heart attack. Studies show that 80 percent of heart diseases can be prevented with healthy lifestyle practices. To be proactive about your heart health, here are 4 secret signs that you have an underlying heart disease:

1. Erectile dysfunction

4 Inconspicuous Indications You Could Have Clogged ArteriesSexual problems such as erectile dysfunction can indicate clogged arteries that can lead to a heart disease. When a man finds it hard to have an erection, this may be caused by blocked arteries in the pelvis, which is already present before a heart attack ultimately hits. On average, there are 3-5 years between the beginning of erectile dysfunction and the diagnosis of CHD.

This means there’s more than enough time to identify and to work on thwarting heart problems. Given this, it is important that you rule out the possibility of an underlying heart issue first before resorting to blue pills to address your ED. It is always important to learn about your current medical condition before exploring male enhancements and other ED remedies.

2. Baldness

It’s been found in a study involving 37,000 men that severe baldness at the head’s crown sturdily indicated the existence of silent CHD regardless of the age. Moderate to serious baldness also doubled the possibility of death caused by heart disease in both men and women.

3. Ear crease

Obviously, this one is a bizarre indication of clogged arteries. But the appearance of your ears may have some ominous news to share. It’s been stated in medical research reports that a crease in the earlobe could be a physical manifestation of silent CHD for many years. This crease in the ear may be the outcome of an inefficient circulation, which include the arteries in the heart.

While some health experts dispute its validity, saying an ear crease is just a common indication that one’s getting older, other researchers proved recently that it’s more than that. By using the most modern CT scan method to quantify silent CHD, it was revealed that ear crease envisaged heart disease. This is even after the authors of the said study also considered other risk aspects, such as one’s age and his smoking habits.

4. Pain in the calves

4 Inconspicuous Indications You Could Have Clogged ArteriesIt may also be an indication of closed arteries when your calves hurt when you attempt to stand and walk. This is called claudication. Basically, atherosclerosis can obstruct arteries in the legs, specifically the smokers, even before CHD is identified. When you experience the said physical symptom, you need to go through an assessment with your doctor as soon as possible.

Your physician will inspect your legs’ pulses and conduct basic dimension of your leg’s blood pressure as well as blood flow in order to verify that there’s poor circulation going on.

Early detection of a heart disease is crucial because there are several dietary and medical solutions that can aid in the reversal of the said medical condition. Those patients who got early diagnosis are often recommended to focus on eating plant-based foods and fewer animal-based products. A walking program on a regular basis is also advised.

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