4 Observant Ways to Know if a Woman is into You

by Scott Elliot

So, you have been dating a girl for a while, but you are just not sure if she is really that into you. Despite millions of years of evolution, it is somewhat incredible how we are still not sure if a woman really likes us. It seems that all those years have been spent devising mind games to seduce us into a warped reality where we’re unsure whether you want to spin us around on our heads or spin us around in our beds. Despite this, it seems that there is an undercurrent of commonalities between the behavior of different women that shows that they are interested in us. Here is what you are looking for:

 1. She spends time on you without you even being there

preview-full-asdafa (2)If she presents you with gifts or ideas of places to go that she knows are along the lines of what you like, she’s into you. Say she picks up a book for you about vintage cars, when you already told her your passion, this shows that she is thinking about you when you are not around while going out of her way to show you that she cares.

 2. Casual hair toss

If you find that she casually tosses her hair every now and again when you are out, this shows that she likes you. Especially is she is tucking it behind her ear or taking it away from her face. This is a subconscious way of her showing more of herself to you. However, if she constantly plays with her hair, she is most likely nervous!

 3. She’s close to you

When you go out on dates, do you find that she sits closely to you? If you find that she moves her space closer to you, or that she walks within close proximity to you, she likely has a crush on you. By closing the gap, she is entering your personal space, which shows that she also wants you in hers. In one of these moments that she crosses that boundary, try grabbing her hand to see how she responds. As she has been the one to cross into the personal space without you intruding on her, she is likely to respond well.

 4. She organizes things with you alone

preview-full-asdafa (1)If she tends to want to meet you in groups, that can be a sign that she isn’t really sure. However, if she tries to meet you alone, especially in intimate settings, or in places that you can talk, this shows she is interested in getting to know you more deeply.

 Understanding if a girl likes you can be tough and while you may see the signs of closer and more open body language, it can be a mystery. The best way to find out is to be proactive. If you need a push in confidence, try taking Xtreme Testosterone as this will help to boost your assertiveness to confidently ask her or maybe even plant a surprise kiss on her!

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