4 Signs She’s Bordering on Bored and How to Bring Her Back

by Scott Elliot

Are you sensing signs that your relationship isn’t as fiery as it once was and you and your lady are starting to drift apart? Are you worried that you are not enough for her anymore and she has become bored with your relationship? Or maybe it is just all in your head and you are experiencing anxiety about the way things are going.

It can be difficult to know whether your partner is bored of you or whether something else is troubling them and it is manifesting as a little less attention being paid to you. Try looking for these warning signs to see if it is time to move on and let that cat find a new mouse to play with.

  1. She is always late from work

preview-full-does_sex_turn_you_off_1If you find that your girl is always late from work, the likelihood is that she is finding other things to occupy her time and mind. Perhaps you only spend evenings in watching the television and she wants other things to keep her going. Working late can allow her to focus her mind on a sense of ambition so that she feels productive elsewhere while she feels unproductive at home. Try spicing it up by suggesting you have a date night each week or you join a class. If she expresses interest, maybe you still have a shot.

  1. The sex is monotonous

Does she feel as though she is just going through the motions? Maybe she keeps focusing on positions she knows will make you come quickly. This is likely because she isn’t really feeling it but does not know how to tell you and would rather cover it up with frequent yet unexciting sex that admitting that she is disinterested. Maybe it’s your turn to make it a little more exciting. Perhaps by buying her a nice set of lingerie or getting her in the mood with some libido-inducing foods, you may find her coming back for a more appetizing dessert. You might even want to try a supplement like ‘Marathon Man Maca 1000’ to help you last longer in the bedroom so you can shower her in sexual pleasures.

  1. She spends all weekend, every weekend with her friends

This is a big sign that she is avoiding spending time with you because she just is not interested. This could also be a sign that she is turning to her support network for comfort on how to deal with the situation and how to move forward from here. This can be a dodgy situation as friends are outside your relationship and therefore have a biased opinion. If you want to talk to her, separate her from this circumstance by taking her away for the weekend on a surprise trip or encouraging her to spend a day out in an exciting location. Have fun with her and remind her why she wants to spend the weekends with you.

  1. She’s no publicly affectionate

preview-full-11154649_10206593477378469_7849591256531537252_o1-e1429150225682-696x295This can be a subconscious sign from her that she doesn’t want other men to think she has a boyfriend, like a back-of-the-mind version of keeping her options open. This can show she is bored of having you around and feels you’re cramping her style. Try inducing displays of attention by bringing her flowers in public or pulling her in close to you when she is cold. This will reintroduce the idea and show her you are not just giving in.

It can be hard when a relationship fades away, but always know when to step up your game and when to cut your losses.

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