5 Drunk Sex Positions for When You’ve Had Too Much to Drink

by Scott Elliot

There is something about alcohol and sex that just go hand in hand. After a beverage or two, you tend to lose your inhibitions and end up finally chatting to that smoking hot girl at the end of the bar, with none of your regular awkward shyness. However, just because you manage to get her to come home with you, doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to perform. Unfortunately, once you pass the tipping point, sex can become a little bit of a struggle. The blurry vision and lack of coordination can really put you to the test in the bedroom, where you find that balancing is suddenly not your strong point. While it may seem impossible, it is best to know the ideal sex positions for when you have surpassed your limit, so no matter how hammered you are, you can still give her the pleasure she deserves.


Now, this is from just plain laziness. If you are lying down, you can’t fall over and that’s the truth of it. However, you do run the risk of falling asleep. One good thing about cowgirl is that she is right in front of you, so your attention is drawn toward her naked, hot body on top of you. Equally, if she is drunk, this position means that she can keep herself sturdy by placing her palms flat on your chest, while hooking her feet slightly underneath you.

Kneeling sit

5 Drunk Sex Positions for When You’ve Had Too Much to DrinkThis is a good one to do right up against the wall. You need to be on your knees with your back against the wall, while she straddles you. The wall will provide the extra support you need, while your kneeling stance gives room for her legs, and gives you the chance for thrust momentum. With her that close to you, you can also catch her if you feel she may lose her balance! Just be careful because you may both have stinky alcohol breath.

Bed wheelbarrow

Have her lay flat on her front. This negates any need for coordination on her part. You need to sit kneeling down, while you place her legs around your waist. This is a simple yet more exciting movement than your regular positions but without anything acrobatic involved. Careful she doesn’t fall asleep!


The ultimate intimate, lazy position, spooning requires neither of you to have any coordination. It also allows for you to give her a little extra foreplay and stimulation by reaching around to her clitoris. Hooking your top leg over her will give a slightly deeper angle for penetration, while also stopping her from falling forward, if she really has had too much wine!

Sit down doggy

preview-full-829-1024x673This position is similar to doggy style, but doesn’t require the stress of having to balance on high on your knees, while she doesn’t have to hold a strong posture on her hands. Get into doggy style position, and then pull her back on to your lap as you sit back on your feet. You can wrap your arms around her for a little extra security.

Drunk sex can be some of the best sex but you need to make sure you choose your positions wisely, otherwise the rhythm will be off and you will both be falling all over the place. While you have to concentrate on maintaining an erection, positions with a great deal of physical exertion are not going to work for you. To make sure you can maintain an erection for the whole period, make sure you take supplements like ‘Marathon Man Maca 1000’.

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