5 Secret Sex Spots to Make Your Lady Squeal

by Scott Elliot

preview-full-shutterstock_303137369If you’re looking to get your woman all hot and bothered but you’re tired of the same old boring routine, why not add a little surprise to spice things up. Think you know all the sexy spots on a lady’s body? Think again. Women are a whole cluster of nerve spots that can create sensual feelings all over their body with the right little hand (or tongue) movement. Erogenous zones are not limited to the private spots hidden by lacy lingerie, they can be found hiding in the most unusual of places. Try these handy tips for a little touch and go.

  1. Sacrum

Often confused for the coccyx, the sacrum is the small bony nodule at the bottom of the back. This little knob of bone is covered in clusters of nerve endings which send signals straight to the genitals, increasing blood flow the area and mentally stimulating women for arousal. Try turning your lady over onto her front, and gently laying your palm over the sacrum, pressing gently. Alternatively, gently karate chop massage either side, leading to a muscle relaxation and a little stimulation.

  1. Ears

Although we all know we like to hear a few sweet nothings being sensually whispered into the ear, little did we know it was because of the tiny nerve endings knotted together around the ear, which can be stimulated with the slightest touch, sending sensual messages to the brain. By gently blowing on the ear, and a drawing a light C-shape around the ear, you allow sensations of hot and cold to play with the never endings. Gently nibbling on the ear lobe causes increased shivers in women as these nerve endings, which are rarely kindled during the day, as they suddenly become startling aroused.

  1. Inner thighs

We all know from being tickled that our inner thighs withstand very little pressure when it comes to being stimulated. Perhaps one of the most sensitive areas on women, not only does it send signals to the brain to prepare for a sexual encounter, light finger and tongue touches increase tension, creating the air of temptation, heightening sexiness and foreplay.

  1. Under the belly button

There is a pressure point located about two fingers under the belly button, just above the bladder. This is a highly erogenous zone for women. Try gently stroking the area at first with one or two fingers. It won’t seem amazing erogenous at first, but as things start to heat up, try gently pressing this area, which sends blood flow downwards and pleasure upwards.

  1. Mind

preview-full-shutterstock_260901896Women are extremely complex creatures, and their minds can be the biggest barrier to sex. However, by increasing dopamine levels in the brain, this increases a woman’s libido. Mentally, try by massaging her ego, while also giving her things she enjoys. Massaging the scalp itself will help to relax the brain, and will stimulate the sensitive nerve endings in the scalp, sending messages straight to the brain to prepare for a steamy experience.

You best be ready for the whirlwind of pleasure you’ll give your lady if you test out these moves. Be prepared for the squeals and the giggles; the only trouble you’ll have is keeping her off you why you test them all out.

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