6 Common Massages and Why You Should Have Them

by Leo Cartland

Sometimes it can be challenging to find the time to have a moment to yourself. In life, various problems and situations come before self-care. However, every once in a while, it’s important to take some time and reflect upon yourself. There are numerous activities you can do to promote self-care. For example, you can listen to your favorite music, take a walk around a park, or even have a massage.

Massages are known for their refreshing power and their energizing potential. Many people choose to receive a massage to feel pampered and indulge in an activity most people don’t enjoy every day. Although, many people receive the wrong massage due to a lack of understanding of what a “deep tissue” or a “Swedish” massage entail. Moreover, some people leave a massage studio feeling sore or even distressed over their massage.

Here are the common types of massages and why you should have them:

Massages for relaxation:

  1. Swedish massage

While the Swedish massage might not be known for its name, it’s the most common massage. Swedish massages are known for alleviating stress and relaxing tense muscles. A Swedish massage accomplishes loosening tight muscles by working and rolling muscles, applying force with thumbs or fingertips, and administering fast tapping or chopping movements to the body. You can receive a Swedish massage alone or with your spouse, in fact, Swedish massages are perfect to enjoy with others. Since your so relaxed you’ll want to relish in the positive atmosphere with others. For example, you can experience a Swedish massage with a group of friends, family, or your significant other.

  1. Hot stone massage

Some people read a “hot stone massage” and believe the stones will be a little warm at best. However, that’s not the case. In a hot stone massage, you’ll experience the feeling of heat in the form of flat stones strategically placed along the back and shoulders. If you do not want to feel the heat that accompanies this massage, then it’s recommended that you don’t request a hot stone massage.

6 Common Massages and Why You Should Have ThemAlthough, the heat has some benefits. By applying such heat, it loosens pressure in the back and shoulders, so those muscles can be worked on more adequately. While a hot stone massage can loosen tense muscles, it can also be relaxing. To some, the heat allows them to focus inward and concentrate on their breathing. Therefore, a hot stone massage can alleviate pain and put a person’s mind to ease but beware of the heat. It can be hard to get used to at first.

Massages for pain relief:

  1. Deep tissue massage  

Some people try a deep tissue massage because it sounds fancy or expensive, however before you try a deep tissue massage be sure you know what it offers. A deep tissue massage is a massage that removes muscle tissue down to the bone using knuckles and elbows to eliminate muscle tissue. Most people find that after a deep tissue massage they’re often sore, although soreness occurs because of the pressure of the massage.

However, some clients may need to request the usage of more or less pressure in some areas of the body. The usage of pressure to work out muscle tissue depends on the muscle tissue itself. Some areas of the body might consist of muscle tissue that is sensitive, and therefore, it might be irritated when pressed too firmly. Unlike the Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage may not benefit everyone if you’re an athlete or a person who has recovered from a physical injury a deep tissue massage may benefit you.

  1. Trigger point massage

It’s commonly known that a trigger point massage is a subcategory of a deep tissue massage. However, a trigger point massage is a little different. A trigger point massage relieves the “trigger point” or the cause of the pain through rotations of pressure. A trigger point is often located within muscle tissue and is known for producing pain in other parts of the body like the shoulders, neck, and head. Unlike a deep tissue massage where pressure is used on muscle tissue to alleviate pain on the entire body, a trigger point massage works out one point to reduce pain in the body. Therefore, a trigger point massage can be seen as more useful as get works out the root of the cause rather than the entire body.

Massages to improve well-being:

  1. Thai massage

6 Common Massages and Why You Should Have ThemA Thai massage is one of the most refreshing and energizing massages out there. A Thai massage is completed when a specialist maneuvers your body into yoga-like poses, movements, and stretches. In fact, the specialist even must use his or her body to pull and extend you. The pressure he or she will administer will allow your joints to loosen up and become less tense. Thai massages are excellent for boosting energy levels and increasing elasticity in muscles. Therefore, if you have a Thai massage in your daily life, you’re likely to see an increase in your sports performance and have constant focus.

  1. Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massages may not be commonly well known; however, its mastery comes from Japan. A shiatsu massage mixes light movement with finger force to work out a variety of sensitive muscle groups. While other massages may loosen muscles or relax the body, a shiatsu massage is perfect for adjusting energy levels. In fact, shiatsu massages will make you feel refreshed and energized. Also, shiatsu massages are great for alleviating common aches and pains. However, unlike traditional massages, during a shiatsu massage, it’s advised that you stay clothed during the massage. Therefore, a shiatsu massage is the best treatment for anyone looking for a boost in energy.

Massages come in various forms and treatment types; however, they all can be helpful to you. If you want a massage, it’s essential that you understand what every massage offers before choosing one. Deciding between a deep tissue and trigger point massage might be a hard decision, but at least you know your muscle tissue will be worked out. See a specialist today and have an excellent massage in minutes!

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