6 Common Mistakes Men Do When Asking A Woman Out

by Leo Cartland
a firm no

Asking a woman out brings feelings of excitement, but also entails lots of things. Despite having in mind all the advice your more experienced friend gave you, you’re still faced with uncertainty and may even feel unsure of what you’re doing when in date. Your mind might be all over the place and made your first date horrible. This embarrassing experience could ruin your romantic life forever. However, staying in that rut can sabotage not only your relationships with women but also your sex life.

Having sex with a partner is way much better than doing it alone. And the only way to have a healthy and successful sex life is to have an improved dating experience. Your first date might be a mess, but it doesn’t define your future dates. To ensure you’re doing it right, maybe not too perfectly, but at least, in a way that can make you feel proud of yourself, take to heart the advice from dating experts. Read them below and make sure to apply them more carefully in real life situations. Start by learning from the mistakes of others so as to avoid doing them yourself.

1. Stop asking stupid questions

Sure, you want to know the other person inside out, which is why you’re dating in the first place. But remember, this is not an interview portion. Don’t throw at her questions as if she’s a job applicant. If you want to ask her about something, make sure it’s more focused on her point of view or her opinion. Avoid questions that can throw her off balance. For the sake of making her feel comfortable and showing you have tact, never ask the following things:

  • Her age

It’s a golden rule: never ask a woman her age. Don’t be in a hurry, you’ll find out soon.

  • Her earnings

It’s unnecessary to ask how much she earns unless you’re looking for someone who’s willing to pay for your dinner.

  • Her weight

Whether she looks obese or anorexic is not your problem. Tackling weight issues may hurt her self-esteem.

  • refusing his advancesIf she’s willing to be conquered

This is too blunt. It’s like asking her to have sex with you right after dinner.

  • If her assets are genuine

While some women ask a doctor’s help to have that perfect looking boobs, others are just naturally gifted. Whichever is the case, you’d be insulting her for asking if they’re genuine. Take note, it never could become a compliment.

  • If she’s paying her thing

Whether or not she’s the one who initiated this date, it’s still unmanly to ask if she’s paying her thing. Prepare your bucks beforehand and pay directly when the bill comes.

  • Her time spent in the salon

No matter how different she looks on your date, take it as a compliment. She wants to appear pleasant in your sight. Never question the time she spent in the salon for her manicure and other beauty enhancement efforts.

  • Her past relationships

Asking what went wrong in a past relationship can help improve what you currently have. But asking how many men she’d dated or slept with is totally catastrophic for a woman.

  • If she finds you attractive

Never ask a woman how they think of your looks. If they find you attractive, there’d be more dates to follow. If she declines your next invitation, it speaks everything.

2. Avoid looking for commonalities

Sharing the same interests work better. But this doesn’t mean a lack thereof can be disastrous for any relationship. As it’s been stated, opposites attract. Instead of finding things in common, try to stretch yourself and know her from the inside out.

Finding a connection that goes beyond similarities or commonalities, is quite intriguing. It only means you meet on a ground that’s not obvious to everyone. It’s a spark the two of you can only see.

3. Avoid ignoring her needs

Making a woman happy takes only some creativity. You don’t have to spend more cash to do it. Women’s needs are more emotional or psychological. They appreciate you more when you remember important occasions, like birthdays or the day you first meet.

Texting her after your date or sending her flowers the day after means a lot for her. It’s these little things that cause more divorce in married people. Women admire you more when you’re able to put more effort into knowing them better.

4. Avoid the rush

Whether inside the bedroom or on a date, women want only one thing, they want things to go slow and steady. Despite the changes in the dating game nowadays, building a relationship still takes time. Remember, things that come easily also go away quickly. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, time is your best investment. The more time you spend with each other, the more you’ll learn about each other.

5. Stop playing games

handsome man textingPlaying hard to get can make you more valuable for the other person, according to some experts. But when you do it in excess, you’re likely to push her away. It’s alright not to call her every day but failing to call her in a week or more may create wrong interpretations.

If you connect to her after two weeks of absence, she might get confused about whether you’re true with your intentions or not. She might feel she’s not that important in your life. To protect herself, she will expect less from you and may look for another guy who is able to give her the time and value she’s looking for in a man.

6. Not being clear of what you want

Dating a woman for her physical qualities or for a specific attribute is often misleading. When you find out her real self, the person behind your fancy expectations, you might get disappointed. This oftentimes happens when you’ve spent lots of nights together. Despite her awesome body and great sex, you’re still unsure of your true feelings. You might end up saying to yourself she’s not the one you expect her to be.

The truth is, she’s just being herself. It’s you who don’t know what you’re truly seeking for in a partner or in a relationship. This same thing can happen again and again when you won’t get a clearer idea of what turns you on. Before asking anyone for a date, make sure it goes beyond physical attraction to avoid breaking her world apart in the end.

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