6 Ways to Run Out on a Bad Date

by Scott Elliot

preview-full-Bad-First-Dates-and-Taking-the-Brutally-Honest-ApproachThe dreaded dating game is one that we all find ourselves in from time to time. On the one hand, the prospect of new and possibly exciting sex is something we can’t wait to get stuck into. However, there is always the chance that something goes wrong and you want to make a quick exit. While there was a fad of 15 minute dates, designed precisely for this purpose, the traditional date is much more common. For the man, as you are still pretty much expected to pay, it can be difficult to up and leave midway through, so how to you handle these unfortunate situations when they do occur?

  1. Pre-empt it

Planning is your best form of defense. Making sure that you know what you might do in this situation before you even get into it, is the best way forward. Think clearly about the place you are taking her and how you would exit if you needed to leave swiftly. Perhaps it is the old fake phone call trick, or maybe you just decide on a short activity like having a coffee where you leave after. Perhaps you have ‘pre-arranged’ plans that you can ‘cancel’ if it all goes well. Just having a plan will make you feel less anxious if the time comes to make a dash.

  1. The Demanding Job

Whatever your job is, make sure that you make it out to be demanding from the outset. If they think that there are no clear boundaries between your work and leisure hours, you could hypothetically be called away at any moment. This can be the perfect excuse. Say that you got an important email that requires an urgent task, and pay the bill and get the hell out of there.

  1. The Reoccurring Ex

Talk about your ex a lot. Both in an angry and aggressive manner, like they did something yesterday, while also appearing very upset about it. This is a weak thing to do and something you will never forgive yourself for, but it is something that will definitely give the signal that you really are not interested in making a new connection.

  1. Honesty

One way is just, to be honest with her. Let her know that you have enjoyed spending time with her but are do not feel that you two are compatible. Make sure to be polite so that she does not feel too rejected, and it is probably gentlemanly to offer to pay, despite the terribleness of the whole event.

  1. Make Her Run

If you really are too weak to do it yourself, or really cannot find a good enough excuse (even one she doesn’t believe), you can try and make her leave. This is a little cruel but it certainly gets you off the hook. Maybe you are rude, eat loudly, or let off disgusting farts. Perhaps you just act dumb or disinterested. However you choose, if you choose this method, at least make it a good story.

  1. The Runaway

preview-full-bad-first-date-672x480You could always go to the bathroom and just make a run for it while she is not looking. If you really plan on taking the coward’s way out, you should at least make a quick trip to the cashier to pay for dinner, just in case she was rude enough to not bring any money at all. Obviously, this is dependent on how awful she was.

Bad dates are something that everyone experiences. How you handle them can be the true test of your character. Try to be kind, just for your own sake!

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