7 Effective Strategies to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Sex Life

by Leo Cartland
happy couple in bed

Sex can evoke a variety of emotions in you. How you respond is what determines whether you feel satisfied or not. While the feelings of excitement, love, and tenderness signify a satisfying sex life, the feelings of anxiety, longing or disappointment may not. If you’re left with negative feelings after sex, this may mean something is off.

A satisfying sex life goes beyond the bedroom. Meaning, the normal effects of good sex could last even after 48 hours. This is because your sexual wellbeing isn’t separate with the other aspects of yourself, like the mental, emotional, and physical. When you’re sexually fulfilled, it can create a positive impact in these areas. If not, the opposite could happen.

It’s of vital importance that you should be aware of what’s going on in your sexuality to keep yourself and your relationships healthy. When problems arise, you shouldn’t ignore them or wait until they escalate. Some sex issues that can affect your sex are the following:

  • Lack of communication

Communication is important, especially when both you and your partner know that something is off key. Sex issues such as orgasm problems or sexual desires that aren’t met should be discussed. You should find time to talk about these things in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. The bedroom may be the best place to talk about it. Or if you feel it isn’t appropriate while in the middle of lovemaking, the perfect time would be on the couch when both of you are in a relaxed mood.

  • Criticisms

No one is perfect. Your partner may have something that you dislike. In the same way, you may have something that irritates your partner. Instead of shoving away these feelings or thoughts, try to open it up. Try not to criticize immediately. There are no issues too big that can’t be solved when you’re both willing to come into an agreement.

  • Bodily changes

man shocked at his penisIn a world where humanity favors more the ‘perfect’ looking body, the imperfect ones may find it difficult to fit in. If you feel you’re gaining weight, stop believing the excess weight is making you feel less attractive. Be open to your partner about your feelings. Or if you feel, you’re not getting an erection as fast as you used to be, tell your partner about it. If you won’t, she may take it as a sign that you’re no longer attracted to her.

  • Dishonesty

Other women feel the pressure of faking an orgasm just to give their partner sexual satisfaction. If you feel your partner isn’t getting one, let her know that you noticed it. Then ask her how to stimulate her to ensure she’ll have a natural orgasm.

Proven strategies to improve your sex life:

Because no one is born having all the information about how to have a perfect sex life, you need to know the strategies and tricks that others have used to make their sex life incomparable. All these strategies may not work for you, but just be open and try them all. Continue to do the ones that work and discard the ones that don’t.

1. Learn from others

When it comes to sexuality and sex issues, the internet is filled with helpful resources that can enlighten you about these areas. You can find advice from experts and even real-life situations that readers share. You can also buy books written by sex experts. Make an effort to buy and read them. The right knowledge can save you from unnecessary problems and will give you the red flags when you’re on the wrong track.

2. Quit smoking

Perfect physical health is one of the foundations of a good sex life. When you aren’t healthy, your sex life will also suffer. Smoking can cause peripheral vascular disease, a health issue that can affect the blood flow to the penis. When there is an insufficient supply of blood to the penis, erection isn’t possible. Quitting smoking is not easy to do but one you should do to maintain health in all areas of your life. Ask help from your doctor if doing it alone seems impossible. Your doctor may prescribe you medications that can suppress your desire to smoke.

3. Limit your alcohol intake

Heavy drinking can lead to several health issues including obesity and liver problems. Alcohol can dull the central nervous system and affect the blood flow throughout your body. Additionally, diseases caused by too much alcohol can lower your libido. Low libido can decrease your testosterone levels and affect your sex drive.

4. Have a healthy diet

Fatty foods consumption can lead to health risk factors like high blood pressure and obesity. Both of these can lead to cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, there are foods that can increase your testosterone levels and fertility. These include ginger, oysters, pomegranates, fatty fish and fish oil, leafy greens, and onions.

5. Have regular sex

couple sex under the coversLike any other tools, you can keep your penis in good condition through regular use. A lack of sexual activity for long periods of time can deprive your penis of a portion of the blood rich in oxygen needed to maintain its good sexual function. When this happens, the muscle tissue in the penis will get affected, which may give you problems during erection.

6. Lubricate

Lubrication is important even when your partner is still in the perimenopausal stage. You can choose from a variety of lubricating liquids and gels. Vaginal dryness can be painful for both you and your partner. And even if your partner isn’t at perimenopause yet, stress can also cause dryness. You must keep lubricants at hand.

7. Keep affection alive

Both you and your partner may not always be in good shape to engage in sex. You may get tired at work or get stressed at some point, which makes it impossible to have enjoyable sex. You still may enjoy each other through kissing and cuddling. This is essential to maintain your physical and emotional connection.

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