8 Ghastly Mistakes Men Do in Bed but are Not Aware of

by Leo Cartland
couple having issues in the bedroom

No matter how powerful you feel in bed, there are still things that annoy or even disappoint your partner. When it comes to sex, pleasing yourself shouldn’t only be your main concern. You should also be aware of what the other person feels or wants.

Women appreciate it more when their partner knows exactly what he is doing. Regardless of how simple the thing you do, like kissing her at the exact spot or taking her undies in a manner that excites her more, it stimulates her and defines the kind of response she’s giving back. All these simple things count.

But if you do things based on your own expectations and not hers, even the slightest mistake in bed can entirely ruin pleasurable sex. Read on and find out the ghastly mistakes you might have done and try not to do them again.

1. Skipping Foreplay

Avoiding foreplay and diving in quickly disappoints your partner. This is a common mistake most men make, and probably a complaint you always heard from women. Unlike men who easily gets stimulated by physical contact, it takes time for women to fire themselves up. Rushing them would be the most disappointing thing you could have ever done. At least 10 minutes of foreplay wouldn’t hurt.

But foreplay isn’t limited to physical contact. If you’re planning to have sex when you two meet, you can start stimulating her through her mind. Send her sexy messages or talk dirty to set her mood and prepare her for great sex later. As she anticipates your encounter, her body and mind are already prepared as to what comes next.

2. Not Showing Emotions

She will love it when you show emotions during sex. Moaning or grunting shows that you’re being present with her. There’s nothing as pleasurable as sex where both you and your partner are at the same level in that ecstatic moment.

When you feel like moaning, do it. Withholding your emotions may mean that you’re calculating your every move. It could also mean you’re just out there to have a release. But when you show emotions and don’t hold back, she will feel that you’re satisfied with her and long for her the way she longs for you.

3. Being Passive in Bed

woman straddling man in bedBe animalistic when it comes to sex. It doesn’t mean you should be harsh and rushing things, but show yourself as an alpha male who dominates skillfully in bed. Women admire men who show great sexual prowess. Though there are women who want to dominate in bed, you may allow her to, but not to the point where you remain passive and allow her to do all the job. You can put her hand to your erogenous zones. Be spontaneous and adventurous. Cooperate, and as much as possible, be the leader. This can keep your sex life exciting.

4. Being Alone in Your Sexual Fantasies

At times, sex can fall into a routine. This usually happens in long term relationships, which is normal. But you can rise from this mire by introducing new things in your sexual relationship. Sharing your sexual fantasies with her might be a good idea, whatever they may be. You don’t have to do them if she’s not into it. But this can encourage her to open up to you her sexual fantasies if she has any. Sharing some kinky thoughts is sexy and may lead to discovering new things you haven’t tried before.

5. Having Poor Hygiene

Women are very particular in their hygiene, especially when they know you will be in bed. Being clean and fresh equals great sex. Some women who don’t want men to go down on them say that it’s because they aren’t sure how clean they are down there.

Similarly, if you’re not clean down there, never ask for an oral. Even though you have showered first thing in the morning, sweating all throughout the day can result in stinky smells. If possible, make sure to be smelling fresh and clean before having sex.

Another thing is, if you have a thick beard it may get in the way when you give her orals. Her genital is very sensitive and your hairs may cause her an infection. Shaving your hairs may delight her.

6. Coming First

Premature ejaculation can be forgiven in a session or two. But when it happens often, you’re cooking a recipe for disaster. Sex should be pleasurable for both you and your partner. If you’re unable to give it to her, stop because you don’t know what you’re doing. Coming first is a mistake that can crush your partner’s world. It not only disappoints her emotionally but physiologically as well.

She’s doing her best to reach that orgasm, but when you don’t last in bed, the blood that rushes through her veins seem to scatter everywhere. It can even cause her headaches. If you have this issue, try to use numbing condoms or numbing sprays.

7. Not Paying Attention to Her Responses

Being aware of your every move and how she responds is one secret to great sex. If you don’t have this skill, you miss one half of your life. You can ask your partner what turns her on more. But you will please her more when you’re able to interpret her bodily cues.

Women can respond in ways that they’re not even aware of. When you’re able to point them out to her and touch her in places that make her vulnerable, you’re earning plus points. Arching back, flushed cheeks, and hardening nipples are the cues you should watch out for. They all mean you’ve turned on the right buttons.

8. Failing to Undress Her Skillfully

unhooking her red braYes, knowing how to undress her is a skill too. Women love to invest in their undies because they feel it adds to their sexual appeal. They feel hot in those lacy panties or bras. Make sure not to ruin these valuables while undressing her. Unhooking her bra carefully while kissing her is a big turn on. Kissing her skin while taking off her panty stimulates her too. You don’t need to spend much time on foreplay when you know how to undress her in a way that excites her.

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