8 Strange Hacks To Lose Weight

by Leo Cartland
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You might want to drop a couple pounds, for whatever reason, but you might not want to exercise that much. you may want to hang out at your house and enjoy your life, rather than hanging out at the gym with dudes more ripped than you. But, how can you lose weight without having to go the traditional route?

We have you covered. Here are eight ways you can lose weight without doing one squat.

#1 Sniff

A researcher at the Smell & Taste Research and Treatment Foundation found that if you sniff food this could help you lose weight. This researchers theory is that when you sniff food you can fool your mind into thinking you’re actually eating it. So, you can “eat” all of the chocolate, candy, and chips you want, just by smelling them. While you’re “eating” all these high-calorie foods, you’ll want to actually eat bananas, apples, and peppermints.

#2 Breakfast

healthy breakfast, egg, avocado on toastA large breakfast will keep you full for most of the day. One study included a group of obese women and then split them into two groups. One group ate an 800-calorie breakfast, 500-calorie lunch, and 200-calorie dinner. The other group ate a 200-calorie breakfast and 700 calories at night. After a little more than a year, the two groups were compared. The group that ate the large breakfast lost double the amount of weight than the other. So, in the morning you’ll want to fill up on eggs, oatmeal, and lean meats like chicken and fish. These are full of protein and will keep you full for much longer. Fruits, vegetables, and plain yogurt are also great for breakfast.

#3 Use junk mail

Now, what does junk mail have to do with losing weight?

Well, usually nothing. But, if you go to your mailbox, every day, and grab every piece of your junk mail, you’ll understand this exercise. After you’ve sorted through your mail, count your junk mail, and then do as many exercises as junk mail you have. With this exercise, you may burn 35 to 140 calories per session. For instance, you can do a lap around your house or office building, or run up and down a flight of stairs for each piece of junk mail. Considering how much junk mail you get every day, you’ll be getting at least eight minutes of exercise. On a slow day.

#4 Mirror

A study found that if you hang a mirror in front of your seat at the table, you could lose weight. It showed that people tend to eat less when they’re being watched. Even by themselves. The study found that people who had a mirror in front of their place at the table ate about a third less than people who didn’t. By watching yourself when doing an activity, you can tap into your own standards and remember the reasons you decided to lose weight. This data makes sense because when you are working out, the trainer will ask you to look into a mirror to perfect your form and to make sure you’re getting the maximum benefit. So, grab a mirror and judge yourself while you eat. Don’t be too harsh, though.

#5 Pictures

you can do it, weight loss and fitnessRather than keeping a food journal or counting all those calories, take a picture of your food. In these pictures, you may be able to see your healthy food and celebrate that, but you may find that these healthy choices are next to french fries or pizza. These pictures will also help you keep track of your portions, which will help you with your food journal if you decide to keep a food journal, anyway. On the other hand, taking pictures of your food can motivate you. For instance, if you take a picture everyday and there are many healthy foods on your plate, this will remind you that you are adhering to your goals for healthier eating, which will validate your efforts.

#6 Wrapped Candy

Buying candy that needs to be unwrapped is a great way to limit your intake. The thing about temptations is that it’s all about easiness. The easier it is to access something, the easier it is to be tempted by it. Just by being offered candy that was wrapped, the study showed that participants ate 30% fewer candies because they had to unwrap it. Though peeling off a wrapper doesn’t require much effort it requires enough where you won’t want to eat too many. Amazing, isn’t it?

#7 Blue

For weight loss, surround yourself with blue. A study discovered that the color blue decreases appetite. This study showed that people who were in a blue Room ate 33% less food. Why? Because the blue light made the food look less appealing. So, you’ll want to buy a blue tablecloth, plates, and some blue-tinged light bulbs. Or gray items. Gray has the same effect as blue. Colors like red, yellow, and orange have the opposite effect so you’ll want to avoid these colors.

#8 Turn Up The Lights

Have you ever wondered why restaurants are so dim? I mean, with all this food, how are you to see if something is in your food? Restaurants aren’t worried about a bug or your romantic dinner. It’s been shown that restaurants dim the lights because it’s a subliminal message to you to order more food. With the lights down, you may feel less inhibited, which will lead to ordering more food. To help with your weight loss goals you’ll want to turn the lights up and lower the music. Softer music will encourage you to eat slower, be more aware of what you’re eating, and how you feel about what you’re eating.

These are a couple of interesting tricks to lose weight. Some others include using smaller plates for unhealthy foods and larger plates for healthy foods. With a smaller plate, you’ll look as if you’re eating more food and vice versa for the large plate. Try some of these mind tricks and see how they work for you.

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