9 Benefits of Using an Exercise Ball as a Chair

by Leo Cartland

Some people find ordinary chairs to be unconformable or painful to a person’s back and spin. Although there are many alternative types of chairs, a person can try if a person is experiencing back problems or other aches and pains. One kind of chair a person can try is an exercise ball. While it’s true exercise balls are uncommon in the professional setting; however, they are known to be beneficial to a person’s overall health. But some skeptics disagree stating that exercise balls only prevent employees from working.

But what are the advantages of using an exercise ball as a desk chair? Here are the top nine benefits of using an exercise ball in the professional setting:

  1. Proper posture

It’s commonly known that exercise balls are unstable due to the fact that they need your body to remain steady. However, remaining on an unstable surface like an exercise ball allows your body to adapt and adopt proper posture. Having proper posture is important in spinal health as well as it reduces back pains. Also, you’ll see an increase in your balance. Due to its unsteady nature, not only will your posture improve but you’ll have better balance because of your daily use of an exercise ball.

  1. Regular movement

Some chairs restrict movement of the core, thighs, and buttocks but not the exercise ball. Instead of sitting for a long period of time and experience numbness in specific areas of your body you’ll regularly move, thus improving the flow of blood throughout the body. It’s essential that the body has good circulation while sitting or you might experience some medical issues later on in life. Additionally, since the exercise ball is shaped differently, you can relax and move in various ways, unlike other ordinary chairs. Therefore, an exercise ball can help improve blood flow and add some creativity to an everyday routine.

  1. Promotes fitness

9 Benefits of Using an Exercise Ball as a ChairExercise balls are great if you have a flexible job that allows you to exercise up to ten minutes between conferences calls or meetings. Since exercise is known to reduce anxiety and stress exercise balls are also the perfect addition to a stressful job environment. Since you would use it daily for sitting and other tasks, it’s convenient for anyone who would want to work out or stretch. Therefore, using the exercise ball as a desk chair promotes fitness in the healthiest form. There are many exercises you can do with an exercise ball if you want to investigate further you can always watch videos on YouTube, search the internet, or read fitness magazines.

  1. Tones your core

Most people believe shaping the abdominal muscles takes a lot of time, work, and sweat. But that’s not always the case, in fact, you can tone your core by balancing on an exercise ball. Since your back and spine muscles create the proper alignment for posture, your core offsets the changes made by changing position in order to keep balance. Therefore, you don’t need to have a high intensified work out in order to tone your core. Simply, all you need is to keep your balance.

  1. Enhances blood flow  

Unlike some chairs, exercise balls are known for their regular movement of all parts of the body. Moving all parts of the body allows blood flow to be effectively transferred throughout the body. Thus, exercise balls can improve a person’s overall health by improving a person’s blood flow. Blood flow that is restricted or limited can cause future medical problems, and if you experience circulation issues, you should contact a doctor immediately.

  1. Enhances Mood

It’s commonly known that exercise balls are not ordinary chairs. In fact, most people who use an exercise ball as a chair saw an improvement in their mood for various reasons. One of those reasons was due to the high volume of movement. It’s been proven that people who stay in one position for an extended period of time experience feelings of drowsiness, laziness, and often become overwhelmed. However, people who move around from time to time are known to experience upbeat emotions like happiness, satisfaction, and glee. Therefore, using an exercise ball as a chair can enhance your mood even if you work in a very stressful environment.

  1. Calorie burner

Exercise balls are not widely known for their calorie-burning benefits; however, exercise balls can pack a punch when it comes to the potential to burn calories. In fact, depending on your daily use of an exercise ball you can burn up to 350 calories. Some people will burn more than others due to their exercise types and their intensity when exercising. Therefore, using an exercise ball has not only the potential for a great workout but also has the prospect of calorie burning benefits. Just think all of these advantages could be yours at your desk, isn’t that amazing?

  1. Cost-effective

9 Benefits of Using an Exercise Ball as a ChairMost companies supply employees with the essential items like a desk, office supplies, and a chair. However, if you want a new chair because the one your company supplied for you is uncomfortable or painful, you might have to pay for it out of pocket. However, exercise balls are perfect if you’re on a budget or want to pay less for office equipment. Most exercise balls are less than fifty dollars. Compared to some office chairs paying the expense of an exercise ball is favorable. Therefore, exercise balls not only improve your overall health but can aid your financial worries too.

  1. It’s exciting

Most people who have used an exercise ball in a professional setting used it partly because it was fun. Using an exercise ball while working is unconventional in today’s professional society, but that’s why it’s so exciting. People who use exercise balls feel as if they are breaking out of the normal desk and chair. It adds to a person’s personality and allows them to express themselves through alternative ways of expression. For example, exercise balls come in many colors, patterns, and even textures. There are endless ways a person can express themselves through an exercise ball.

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