Best Aphrodisiacs to Get You in the Mood and Spice up Your Sex Life

by Scott Elliot


Ginseng has been a well known and popular herbal supplement for the treatment of low libido in both men and women. Ginseng also specifically helps men when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction by helping to maintain proper communication via the central nervous system.

Ginseng is also great because it comes in many forms, and thus can be used in various foods and drinks. Ginseng root is great as an addition to tea, as the root is able to soak in the tea for an extended period of time which allows for the release of the beneficial compounds within it.

2-Maca Root

preview-full-shutterstock_566026696Maca root is another great libido booster that has origins thousands of years ago in the South Americas. Maca root is not only used to boost libido but is used to increase fertility as well. The benefits of this root aren’t just some ancient fairy tale, as scientific research has backed these claims to benefit sexual health.

Maca root is also beneficial to women in that it helps to regulate their hormones, and is especially effective during menopause and during that time of the month. Both PMS and menopause come with the side effect of lack of interest in sex.

This plant has also shown to boost the moods of women during menopause and PMS which not only increased their sex drive but also decreased levels of anxiety and depression as well.

Many supplements containing maca root exist on the market, however you want to make sure you are getting a product with the highest quality ingredients. Stick to premium brands like Marathon Man Maca 1000 which is on the higher end and guarantees results.


Chocolate absolutely is a superfood, but it has a bad reputation because people typically tend to eat the unhealthier versions of chocolate which are loaded with fat and sugar.

The type of chocolate that you want to get should be at least 70% cocoa and dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is much healthier than milk chocolate, and is something you can eat regularly to boost your sex drive and overall health.

Chocolate is awesome at improving sex drive because it contains chemicals which produce serotonin, or the feel good hormone. Chocolate contains both phenethylamine and tryptophan, two amino acids used in the production of the serotonin hormone.

Dark chocolate also contains a high concentration of antioxidants which can help boost your energy levels and help fight off various diseases as well.

4-Gingko Bilboa

preview-full-shutterstock_643533106Gingko bilboa is another plant that has roots to Ancient Chinese Medicine, was and still is used today to treat various health ailments.

Gingko bilboa is able to increase libido as well which was known for thousands of years, however the reasoning why that is was only discovered recently.

This plant extract contains compounds known as selective serotonin uptake inhibitors, or SSRIs. These drugs might sound familiar as they are commonly used to treat depression. These compounds allow serotonin to remain released within our synapses for extended periods of time, which allows for a longer period of that “feel good” experience.


Saffron is not only effective in boosting libido, but can also help men in the treatment of erectile dysfunction as well. The spice also can help fight depression as well, and was shown to effective do so in a double blind trial.

Make sure when buying saffron that you are purchasing the right thing as there is another similar looking herb called safflower. Saffron has a very distinct smell so if you aren’t sure which is which just take a nice big whiff.

What Are the Risks Behind Taking Supplements to Boost Libido?

Some supplements may be contaminated with harmful material but by and large the things to be most aware of are inferior products. Many products out there will make ridiculous claims, are sold by unscrupulous companies just looking to take your hard earned money.

Some products will contain additional garbage you just don’t want in your supplement while others will claim that it contains ingredients that it simply doesn’t have when tested. Be aware that certain supplements can be laced with dangerous chemicals, even prescription drugs in some cases.

Make sure you are choosing a reputable company that independently tests their products, and look for products with a money back guarantee. Testing and money back guarantees are two indicators that you are receiving a high quality product that will actually be effective, and safe as well.


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