Boost Your Blood Flow with These Exercises

by Scott Elliot

Heightened blood circulation to the body and brain can be obtained through multiple workouts, several of which can be done even by those who have medical issues who are commonly restricted to perform demanding activities. Moreover, augmented blood flow will increase oxygen to the muscles and aid in the removal of waste products like carbon dioxide and lactic acid while simultaneously boosting endorphin. Endorphins are natural painkillers that help one acquire a better frame of mind and an overall sense of well-being.

The good news is that your blood flow can be enhanced through natural means in the form of physical activities. These activities don’t need to be intense and vigorous, thus, should be doable for everyone, even those afflicted with health concerns. Below are steps you can do to ensure that your blood gets flowing:

Perform stretches in the morning

preview-full-shutterstock_343006745Doing stretches first thing in the morning is effective to increase blood circulation. You can begin by sitting even on the floor or standing straight while touching your toes. Follow this by stretching upward with your hands in the direction of the ceiling. Make sure your feet are still standing even on the floor. Stretches are specifically more helpful for the improvement of blood flow if you’re suffering from medical issues and are not recommended to do more vigorous physical engagements such as exercises.

To make stretching even more useful, do these swiftly to accelerate your heart rate. Just remember to keep the movements gentle in order to prevent pulling muscles or causing any injuries. Begin with slow movements and only increase the speed and intensity as soon as your body gets used to such actions.

Settle for walks either outside or on a treadmill

As we all know, taking walks augments blood flow to the brain. It also augments oxygen and glucose. Plus, walking as shortly as 20 minutes each day could even help you enhance memory retention, which ensures that your memory is intact even as you get older.

After you’ve settled to talking, start jogging

preview-full-shutterstock_613868252When you feel that your body is already used to talking daily walks, start performing jogging as this can help boost the circulation of blood to the brain, lungs, and muscles. The improvement in blood flow as a result of jogging regularly is more effectual than walking. Plus, jogging can help tone your muscles, as well as sustain them, so that they’re always geared up for everyday activities. Allotting as briefly as 15 minutes can deliver significant health gains as opposed to 15 minutes of just scrolling on your Instagram feed, which gains you nothing.

Join up activities

Taking up classes such as yoga and dancing can not only boost your health, it can also improve your social life. Performing these activities will raise your heart and breathing rates at a more accelerated speed, which will consequently, heighten the blood flow in the brain and body. By doing things that bring you enjoyment, you’re more likely to stick to your fitness regimen because they won’t feel like chores that need to be completed. I
It’ll even lead you to meet new people and develop personal relations that can positively impact your life.

When thinking of beginning any physical workout, it’s better to have yourself checked by your doctor to make sure you’re well enough to do so. In the case that you’re taking prescriptions, it’s crucial that you speak with your physician about changing your fitness regimen and boosting your heart rate and blood circulation. Some medications could bring adverse reactions.

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