Is BSN Amino X Effective?

by Scott Elliot


Amino X is a BCAA supplement that claims to help with muscle growth and recuperation. It has pure BCAA to rouse the fusion of muscle proteins. Aside from BCAA, Amino X also has L-Alanine to aid in the lessening of lactic acid and its build-up in the muscles. This particular supplement also involves L-Citrulline for the stimulation of blood flow and the boosting of muscle pumps. The product also involves electrolytes for improved hydration and consists of five flavors. Lastly, it is delivered in a micronized formulation so that its mixability is great.

Understanding Its Functions

Is BSN Amino X Effective?

Amino X is a highly effective formula of amino acid that mixes an assortment of various essential and non-essential amino acids to aid in the process of recuperation, as claimed by its manufacturer BSN.

Basically, BCAAs are involved in order to rouse the fusion of muscle proteins and thwart the possibly catabolic impact brought about by rigorous workout.

Electrolytes have also been included to improve the hydration of muscles and provide greater pumps when exercising. The pumps are obtained through the inclusion of L-Citrulline, which serves as a precursor to the manufacturing of nitric oxide, which results in the delivery of more nutrients.

Ingredient Profile
Taurine; and
EfforsorbEnDura Composite, which has:
Citric Acid;
Malic Acid;
Sodium Bicarbonate; and
Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D)
Natural & Artificial flavors
Silicon Dioxide
Calcium Silicate
FD&C Yellow #5
Acesulfame K
FD&C Blue #2

Proper Use

Is BSN Amino X Effective?

The company behind the supplement suggests to consume one scoop of Amino X combined with 6-8 ounces of cold water. You can take it prior, during, or after your training.

It is important to note that the use of Amino X should be stopped for at least four weeks after taking it regularly for 12 weeks. While taking the supplement, it is vital that you drink lots of water in order to avoid muscle cramping and getting dehydrated.

Positive Effects

Since it contains BCAAs, you’ll be able to feel a difference with regards to muscle development and recovery. BCAAs are also important in terms of decreasing the wasting impact of the muscle tissue disintegration, which happens during rigorous strength training.

The L-Alanine in Amino X helps decrease acidity in the muscles, stopping the build-up of lactic acid and getting rid of metabolic waste that can accumulate during workout swiftly.

There’s also L-Citrulline, which works as a precursor to the manufacturing of nitric oxide in the body. Of course, the electrolytes in Amino X can aid to decrease acidity in the body while making sure that you don’t become dehydrated.

Safety Reminders

Amino X isn’t ideal for those who have heart-related problems. It is also not suitable for women who are expecting or nursing, as well as those individuals below 18 years old.

Amino X Flavors

Blue Raspberry
Fruit Punch
Green Apple

Moreover, Amino X is offered in two servings: 30-serving and 70-serving packages.

Is it a Value for Money?

If you’re seeking for a supplement mainly for its BCAA content, there are lots of basic BCAA supplements, which you can purchase for less. But if you have the budget and Amino X’s price isn’t a problem, then this supplement is also a great option since it offers extra benefits.

There’s a variety of pre-workout and amino acid products in today’s market that it can be tough to choose the right one for you without being too expensive. So, it is important to evaluate supplements first before purchasing them.

As for Amino X by BSN, it’s pretty good with more features that can help you gain an edge when working out. If the price is reasonable for you, then this supplement is worth it. If not, you need to go look for something that’s cheaper that’s just as effective, too.

While we’re not informed of the exact dosage of the ingredients present in Amino X’s formula, it’s good to know that the feedbacks it generally gets from customers are mostly positive.

Final Verdict

As mentioned, there’s the issue of the proprietary blend in Amino X, which means the precise quantity of the components involved in the formula are not disclosed. Despite this, the customer reviews are mostly positive, so that says a lot as to its potential effectiveness.

While Amino X is not the cheapest amino acid product in the market, it’s also not the most expensive. So, somehow its price is just right. It’s great because it has five amazing flavors that you can choose from. It mixes well with water and easy to digest. You can use it flexibly before, during, or after your training.

Overall, Amino X is a reliable product that can deliver effects you’re expecting to have to help with achieve your fitness goals.

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