Is BSN NO Xplode Genuinely Safe & Efficient?

by Scott Elliot

About the Product

NO Xplode is a pre-workout solution and is claimed to be one of the greatest in the industry when it comes to its functions and overall performance. These claims seem to be substantiated by lots of positive customer reviews online. Overall, NO Xplode is designed to give users improved physical power and boosted energy levels, as well as give muscles significant a pump and stamina.

The Company behind NO Xplode

This particular supplement is developed by BSN, one of the leading companies in the pre and post fitness and training industry. The company has since launched products such as Hyper-X, Amino X, and Nitrix.

Product Assertions

This supplement touts to deliver muscle power, increased muscle pumps, and tolerance from exhaustion, as well as stamina to execute more intense exercises. NO Xplode comes in powder form. One dose is comprised of a single scoop powder combined with 5-6 oz of water to be taken 30 minutes before you start your training.

Ingredient Profile

The ingredients in NO Xplode are categorized into proprietary blends.

NO Xplode

Is BSN NO Xplode Genuinely Safe & Efficient?

L-Arginine – this amino acid is the main component in the generation of Nitric Oxide. NO serves as the vasodilator that expands blood vessels and improves blood flow, making the delivery of nutrients faster and more efficient.

Citrulline Malate – this is a non-essential amino acid that we can get from foods and supplements. It aids in the increase of Arginine levels, as well as boost the fusion of nitric oxide, which becomes visible in the form of muscle pumps after training.

GynostemmaPentaphyllum – this is another component that produces nitric oxide, which is also utilized to avoid and cure cardiovascular issues.

Advanced Matrix

Beta-Alanine – this component is prominent for its ability to decrease exhaustion. It is a type of amino acid that manufactures carnosine, which helps balance muscle pH enabling for users to feel relieved from exhaustion and feeling of being worn out.
Creatine – this ingredient boosts muscle mass, which is why the increase becomes noticeable after using it for a few times. It is an essential component that’s largely utilized by bodybuilders and athletes all over the globe.

Phosphate Electrolyte Infusion

Meanwhile, this blend contains Di-Sodium Phosphate, Di-Calcium Phosphate, and Di-Potassium Phosphate. These are great for delivering increased strength and metabolizing energy.

The rest of the components are caffeine and taurine. The former is for boosting mental focus and energy while the latter serves as an antioxidant, which, when mixed with caffeine, can provide substantial boost in energy levels and mental alertness.

Product Features

Is BSN NO Xplode Genuinely Safe & Efficient?

NO Xplode increases nitric oxide synthesis in the body, which provides larger muscle pumps that sustains the normal delivery of oxygen and nutrients into the muscles.

NO Xplode increases energy levels and boosts strength as well, so that you’re able to work out more productively without taking a lot of breaks.

NO Xplode delivers stamina and fuels your body to withstand exhaustion.

Are there Adverse Reactions?

The possibility of adverse reactions with the use of NO Xplode is not high. Some of these adverse effects could include headache, nausea, diarrhea, and high blood pressure.

Is NO Xplode Harmless?

This supplement is generally considered to be harmless, but must not be used by women who are expecting or nursing. NO Xplode is also not recommended for those people who are below 18 or those who are over 50 years old.

NO Xplode Interactions

To avoid possible interactions, see your doctor before taking any nutritional supplements. This is more important if you have pre-existing medical conditions and are currently taking medications since these products can interact with prescriptions. People who are sensitive to Aspirin or using blood thinners are not recommended to use NO Xplode as this could result to bleeding.

NO Xplode Price

NO Xplode has a price around $40-$50, depending on the store you’re purchasing it from. You can either buy NO Xplode online or retail stores in your area.

Customer Feedbacks

Most reviews given on NO Xplode by customers are positive ones. There are only a few feedbacks that are not so good. These complaints cite sleeping problems and diarrhea, but these side effects can actually be rectified by not using NO Xplode near your bedtime and by decreasing the dosage depending on your tolerance level.

Final Recommendation

Considering NO Xplode has a lot of good feedbacks from customers, there’s a stronger likelihood of it working well and generating positive effects than the opposite. Plus, it comes from a reputable company, so that’s also a good thing. NO Xplode’s effectiveness has also been tested through time. In fact, it has since received commendations from well-known bodybuilding communities such as The said site gave the “Nitric Oxide Supplement of the Year” award to NO Xplode more than once actually.

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