What You Don’t Think About When You Masturbate

by Scott Elliot
couple in bed having conflict

Masturbation might not be something you put a lot of thought into. It’s something you routinely practice, most of the time alone, in the privacy of your own home, but sometimes mutually with a partner. It’s a taboo subject to some, but it does come with health benefits. Plus, it’s a great stress release and a good way to learn about your likes and dislikes in the bedroom. And it’s also a way, if practicing mutual masturbation, for your partner to learn the same about you. And you about them. So, basically, it’s a psychologically and physically healthy practice that you should do routinely. But that can’t be it. There are so many more words on this page. SO what are the negative aspects of masturbation. It boils down to whether you have a healthy or unhealthy relationship with masturbation. Is you habit negatively affecting your life in any way? It might be time to do some self-evaluation (that doesn’t involve self-love).

There’s a downside to masturbation. It feels great. It has health benefits. It has psychological benefits. However, while there are a number of positives about it, you can have a negative relationship with the act of masturbation too.

woman wearing only shorts holding a banana against butt with kissmarkWhile masturbation is a great way to relieve stress — you release hormones like endorphins when you orgasm which can decrease your stress and anxiety levels — it can also turn into a tool for avoidance. You can turn to masturbation to avoid stressful situations in your life that may need confronting or attacking. You’re releasing stress and anxiety without actually tackling any of the problems that are creating those feelings in your life. You are not your feelings or emotions, but sometimes they are valid reactions to aspects of your life that may need confronting or changing. And if you don’t confront them, they’re likely to merely reassert themselves and reappear down the line. You’re better off confronting these issues in your life rather than disappearing into the bathroom for 20 minutes to rub one out.

This kind of situation can also have negative physical effects. You may be stressed out or anxious, which can lead to decreased sexual energy or libido. But you want to release that stress, so your actions — your pumping — can become harsher and more vigorous. It is not uncommon for those who overly masturbate to develop topical damage to the skin on their penis. This can happen especially in situations where a masturbation habit becomes compulsive. And that kind of injury can also negatively affect your sex life. No one wants to see a damaged penis. You’ll become self-conscious about its appearance and less confident with women in general.

Another potential side effect of compulsive masturbation could be further injury to your sex life. The tools of masturbation often include pornography. Sure you can just use your hand and your imagination, but a little porn can go a long way. Plus, it — along with masturbation — can help you to learn about what you’re attracted to in your sex life: your turn ons and your turn offs. However, porn can also dull the senses. You may come to expect a certain level of stimulation that your partner is unable to fulfill. You may develop unrealistic expectations about sex that just aren’t going to happen in the real world or aren’t as comfortable as they appear on video. A porn habit, long with a masturbation habit, can hurt your expectations of what a healthy sex life looks like or is and dull. your senses to what your partner can offer you.

Furthermore, your masturbation technique may inhibit sexual intercourse with a partner. You might become very invested in the porn you’re watching, not paying strict attention to what it is that you’re doing to yourself to achieve erection and orgasm. You can provide a significant amount of grip and pressure, more than what your partner will be able. You can dull the sensation with repetitive activity, requiring more and more pressure and pumping action in order to achieve the same results. This can happen even without realizing it.

man watching porn with hand inside jeans, masturbatingSome advice: add some variety to your masturbation habits. Use a condom. Use your non-dominant hand. Try a variety of positions with your grip and technique. Change it up. If you use the same technique every time, you might not even realize the amount of pressure or pumping needed to get you to come. You’ll be too dulled to realize what’s happened until you’re in the bedroom with your partner and they’re unable to get you to a level that you were able to bring yourself to in seconds. Thus can be frustrating in the bedroom for both you and your partner, which is not good for your sex life together.

An unhealthy masturbation habit can also negatively affect your life in general. You may choose to relieve some stress before you head out to work, but it can also delay you, causing you to be late — or miss an important early meeting or appointment. Masturbation can also keep you occupied and unable to connect with others. Basically, you might end up finding yourself watching porn, touching yourself and spending time alone to avoid stressful situations or other aspects of your life. If you find yourself in that kind of situation, avoiding your life with masturbation to the point that it is negatively affecting your job, your relationships, your friendships or other aspects of your social life, you are developing a negative relationship with masturbation and should take a good look in the mirror. It’s important that you evaluate your relationship with masturbation in order to determine whether your habit is healthy.

Masturbation be a beneficial exercise that boosts your sex drive, your sperm count and your immunity. It can help with anxiety and depression and can be beneficial to your sex life in general, enabling you to better know your own erogenous zones and helping you to last longer in bed. So don’t abuse it and maintain a healthy masturbation habit.

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