Facts You Must Know About Salt

by Scott Elliot

You may hear that salt is bad for you. You may be surprised to know the truth. For many years, you have heard that you need to limit your intake of salt so that you don’t get high blood pressure. There are some facts that you must know about salt today! For years you may have been misled but now the truth is here to set you free from salty lies.

gourmet-sea-saltsThe Need for Salt

Everyone needs to have some kind of salt intake. It helps in maintaining cellular fluid balance as well as functioning of the cardiovascular system. It also is important for better functioning of the nervous system. It allows the neurons to emit the signals to different neurons and the cells regarding transmission and movement of muscles.

Harm is Done to the Body with Too Small of Salt Intake

If you aren’t getting enough salt intake, there is going to be harm to your body. There is something called salt deficiency and it can cause many health issues. Some of the problems that can result from a salt deficiency are a coma, swelling of the brain, failure of the heart, reduced stress response and much more. When you don’t get enough salt intake, your life expectancy is shortened as well. This does not mean you should down the salt bottle but you still need some salt.

Salt Isn’t Bad

Many people believe that salt is a bad thing. The more salt that is eaten, the more water that is retained by the body. This leads to higher blood pressure levels until the kidneys flush it out. Most who think salt is bad think the higher blood pressure levels are going to last. They may also believe that a lot of salt over a long time frame will lead to hypertension or death. Many studies fail to back up this information. Higher intake of salt will not always cause higher blood pressure.

Doctor’s Orders

You may have a doctor that is telling you to cut down on your salt intake. You need to follow your doctor’s orders in that instance. This information here today is for informational purposes only. You should not ignore your doctor because of this information. However, you can ask them some questions about what you learn here today.

Daily Salt Intake

salt-08With the information above, you may want to know how much salt intake you should have daily. It is true that not getting enough salt can lead to problems. However, it is also true that you can have too much if you aren’t careful. Not every person is as sensitive to salt as others. Processed foods are generally packed with salt so that is where you might need to be the most careful. Healthy eating can be done to avoid too much salt intake. Don’t think so much about how much salt you have just avoid processed foods and get a balanced diet and you will be alright.

These are some of the facts that you must know about salt. You may have been fed salty lies but now you know the truth. Decide to eat healthier and that will help you to get just the right amount of salt intake each day.

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