Fantasies That Women Have, But Won’t Speak About

by Leo Cartland

Guys, there are some things that women think about but won’t speak about. Bedroom fantasies may be the number one topic on this list of things.

I know, you’re probably wondering, “Why won’t she tell me? I really like the kinky stuff, the fun stuff, and the different stuff, especially when it comes to the bedroom!” Well, tame yourselves. Please. Because I’ll tell you why they’re afraid to speak up.

They’re too shy! Some women are closet freaks, and are very reluctant to tell you their deepest, darkest fantasies.

They’re too polite! Some women think bringing up their hidden fantasies is a rude thing to do. Maybe it’s too straight forward, maybe it’s too early in the relationship, or maybe she wants to hear you say something first.

They’re too afraid! Some women don’t bring it up because they’re simply scared to hurt your feelings. The last thing they want to do is imply that you’re not doing enough in the bedroom. So, they refrain and hope you’ll bring some of the kinky, twisted sex stuff up.

If any of these are the case, chances are your lady is not going to speak about her secret fantasies. Instead, you should bring some to the table, and see how she reacts when you start talking. But for starters, let me let you in on a little secret: There are approximately 8 well known fantasies that women have. And guess what? I’m here to tell you all of them.

  1. She may want sex to be a little rougher.

Take out the handcuffs, ropes, and whips, it’s time to play dominant and subordinate.

If you haven’t already tried this in your sex life, it may be worth it. And if you have already tried it, you know how both of you will feel once the roleplaying starts.

The biggest appeal, when it comes to submission and domination, is that women like to be dominated. They like to be put in their place. They like to be thrown on the bed and tied down so that they can squirm with delight. But they won’t tell you that.

Talk about this with your lady before you try it, though. Many women may like it rough, but each woman has their own scale of pain and roughness. Some ladies may like their hair pulled, whereas others may like it a lot harder than that, so check in before you begin.

  1. She thinks about other women.

This may be hard for you guys to believe, but she does fantasize about kissing and fooling around with another woman (just like you fantasize about her kissing and fooling around with another woman). As a matter of fact, most women enjoy watching girl-on-girl porn, too.

Fantasies That Women Have, But Won’t Speak AboutBut if a woman does get turned on by another woman, and does agree to have a threesome with you, make sure you talk boundaries first. If you don’t, she may end up scratching, clawing, or throwing the other woman out of her house if she touches you, or looks at you, the wrong way.

  1. She hopes you’ll kiss her more.

She wants to be kissed. A lot.

She wants to make out. A lot.

So, kiss her! She wants to feel wanted, and the only way to do that is to grab her and plant one on her. Make the moment last, throw some tongue in there, and start grabbing at her body. Doing this only during foreplay saddens her, and she doesn’t want to tell you that little fact. She’d rather just put up with only being able to be that intimate with you before sex.

Come home one day and surprise her. Kiss her for two minutes and be sure to make it interesting. This will release pleasure neurotransmitters and will have her smiling for quite some time.

  1. She does fantasize about other men.

I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but she does fantasize about other men. Don’t worry, this is normal. And also, don’t worry because thoughts are not realities. The reality is that you’re inside of her, and you’re the only one she wants inside of her.

Same goes for you: Your thoughts are normal. Don’t feel guilty. Just make sure you enjoy her when the two of you are having sex.

  1. She enjoys using her toys alone.

woman in sexy underwear holding sex toyMany women hide this from their significant others, but, they genuinely enjoy pleasing themselves with their toys. Alone. That’s why most women hide their toys from their partner.

Believe it or not, women have a really high sex drive. And, women don’t climax as much as you do during sex. So, they have to get off someway, and this is the way they do it.

  1. She fakes it, more than you know.

Women fake orgasms all the time. I know, you don’t want to hear that. But, if we had to wait for you to make us orgasm, this is how it would go:

You would state that you don’t want to climax until we do. Then you’ll switch up your position every few minutes, thinking it feels good for us. Then you’ll start thrusting. And even if we find a position that helps us out a lot, you’ll change it. We then give up and pretend like we orgasmed because we’ve already lost the pleasure like feeling. And we don’t want to have sex for an hour.

I’m sorry. I know, the truth hurts. But you can change this. Communicate with her while you’re having sex with her, stick to the same motions that she likes, and ask her to describe what she wants.

  1. She may be really wild.

Sometimes women are extremely wild and are willing to try something completely new.

Check out some apps, sites, and books. Write down some positions you’d like to try and have her do the same thing. Then decide which ones you’re both interested in and go at it.

  1. She may want more sex.

Many women want to have sex more often but are ashamed to admit their sex drive is that of a man. And, women who want sex more often don’t necessarily tell their partners because they don’t want to have sex if it seems like a chore. If she’s not wet, or if she’s not extremely turned on, chances are she’s viewing it as a chore. Take your time with her, make her wet, and allow her to enjoy the moment. Then, she’ll tell you how much more she wants you inside of her.

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