The Four Ultimate Core Exercises For A Ripped Lean Stomach

by Scott Elliot

When it comes to making a complete all encompassing workout routine, core exercises are usually the ones that are forgotten. Core exercises seem silly, and we definitely see the least results from them.

As we know, we can’t selectively remove fat so what is the point of doing them if they don’t result in that 6 pack we all desire?

While the results from core exercises may not be too visible to the naked eye, having a strong and stable core will help you with perform better is all areas of your routine and other activities as well.

Having a strong core will not only help you lift more weight and generally do better performance wise in other routines because these exercises stabilize your spine.

Without strong core muscles, you wouldn’t be able to lift these weights and would topple over when trying to do certain exercises.

With that being said, here are some core exercises that everyone should include in their routine:

Abdominal Extension or Stretch

preview-full-shutterstock_269268941 (1)This is a common exercise made famous lately by a piece of equipment called an ab roller, workout wheel or some other variation. This exercise can be done with any piece of equipment that lets you extend in such a way.

To do this exercise, kneel down on a flat surface and place your hands close grip on whatever device you are using. Place the device directly in front of your knees, flush up to your body.

Take the device and extend outward on the floor as far as you can go, and recoil yourself rolling slowly backwards again towards your knees.

Repeat this exercise a total of 30-40 times or 3-4 sets of 10 repetitions each to get the most benefit.

Barbell Side Bend

This is a really easy, effective exercise especially if you are a beginner or just don’t want to invest a lot of time in to your workout.

To start, begin in a standing position, with knees slightly bent and shoulder width apart.

Second, take an olympic straightbar(45lbs) and lie it straight across your back so that the bar is parallel to the floor.

Third, hold the bar on your back with your hands positioned on the bar, and adjust the grip to where it is comfortable

Third, you are just going to tilt your hips to one side, either right or left, moving the bar to a position where it is becoming almost perpendicular to the floor.

Fourth go back to the neutral position(standing straight up) and repeat the same movement in the opposite direction.

Do this exercise on each side of your body 30 times, for a total of 60 reps in 3 sets overall.

Abdominal Plate Twist

preview-full-shutterstock_195845570This is another relatively simple exercise that pretty much anyone can do to strengthen their core. Abdominal plate twists involve mainly the obliques which help to maintain our balance and stability.

This exercise is great because it only requires one piece of equipment, which means you can do it anywhere, there is no excuse not to!

To do this exercise, simply sit on a flat surface, preferably on the ground or a mat.

Second, pickup an appropriate weight which will be 25-35lbs for most men.

Third take the weight and twist using your waist from side to side.

Repeat this exercise as many times as you can. This is one of these exercises where it is possible to do upwards of 50 reps per set so push yourself hard here.

This exercise is great to help improve core strength, and will help you with everyday tasks as well like rearranging furniture, doing yard work or anything that involves picking up and moving things around.

Stiffed Leg Deadlift

This exercise is a variation of the deadlift, except the difference here is that you want to keep your legs straight as possible, allowing this exercise to target your lower back mainly.

To do this exercise, you are going to want to choose a straight bar, and use less weight than you would during a normal dead lift. Remember, you are trying to get little to no help from your legs here, so don’t hurt yourself by trying to lift too much.

Starting by having the bar at the floor, and lift it up slowly keeping it as close to your shins as possible. Pivot only at the waist to ensure that your back is doing the work and not your legs.

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