Get the Dirty Details on Sex Toys Your Woman Prefers

by Scott Elliot

sex-toysDoes your woman like sex toys? If so, did you know that the sex toys she prefers says a lot about her and what she likes intimately. By knowing more about the sex toys she prefers, you can learn more about what you should do about it. She will be pleased to know that you learned about her sexual preferences and are doing everything you can to please her. Get to be the king of sex and foreplay by finding all this information out right now!

Does she like The Rabbit?

If your woman likes The Rabbit, basically this means she is serious about sex. She wants to have fun and she needs to have stimulation, almost too much stimulation. The Rabbit is a toy that can put men to shame. If you don’t want that happening, you need to step it up a notch. You need to show your woman that you can offer her pleasure to no end and there are some things you can do to show her that. You are basically in a competition with The Rabbit. You can’t just have sex with her and expect to give her the stimulation she needs. She might get pleasure from sex but you will be no match to her favorite sex toy. You must GIVE IT TO HER. You can do this by using your middle finger and pointer finger to give her the stimulation she needs. This will push on her clitoris and offer you amazing pleasure, possibly more than she gets from the toy.

shutterstock_420268945Does she like a double stimulation toy?

If your woman likes a double stimulation toy this tells you that she likes to have outer and inner stimulation. She wants the job done and she wants it done right. With a double stimulation toy, she gets stimulated on her g-spot and clitoris. This gives her the pleasure she needs. If you want to offer her the double stimulation she craves, you can use either your erected penis, tongue or fingers to do that. You can use to of these to please her in her g-spot and clitoris. The cowgirl position makes this much easier and brings her more pleasure as well.

Does she like a normal vibrator?

If your woman likes a normal vibrator that tells you she wants to have stimulation she can change things from time to time. She wants to have an orgasm and the normal vibrator helps her to changing the settings and speed to give her ultimate pleasure. To match up with a normal vibrator, you should change up the foreplay every once in a while and the main sex as well. You can speed up and slow down. You can vary the position and even use different textured condoms to give her the same sensations the vibrator would.

Now that you know more about what her sex toy preferences say about her and you know about what you need to do, start giving her the pleasure she is looking for in those sex toys. It is all about the pleasure and the orgasms so make sure you show her what you can give her that she can’t get from the toys she prefers.

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