A Gym Plan You Can Use to Lose Weight

by Scott Elliot

You may already go to the gym to help yourself lose weight but are you doing the right things in the gym. Are you focusing on the right muscle groups and doing exercises that boost weight loss and not just boost your muscle mass? Many men enjoy and benefit from doing higher intensity interval training. This is a program that boost weight loss, increases muscle mass and gives you many other benefits as well. The great thing about this type of program is that you can do it each time in only ½ an hour. Your metabolism stays up after doing it so calories continue to be burnt even after your work out. High level circuit training can help you to lose weight. Every move that you do should be for ½ a minute and you should take ½ a minute in between every exercise.


Warming Up

You need to make sure you are warming up before you do any set of exercises. You will begin with some time on the treadmill. This will be a great start-up for you. You should just go slow such as walking speed to a slow jog. You can then speed up to running speed and then walking speed. You will go back and forth every 30 seconds for 5 minutes. After you finish your time on the treadmill, you should stretch your arms and legs.

Press Ups

The first exercise you should do after warming up are press ups. These are where you move on a rope ladder that is on the floor. You are moving the hands and your body in a line. You will step aside every time you finish one rep of these.

Medicine Ball

You may have seen or used a medicine ball before, but the medicine ball slam is one that is going to do you well in the gym plan you are doing. You should pick up the ball and throw it hard over top of your head and hit the floor with it.


Standing Rows

The standing rows are great to add into any gym plan. You will be leaning back on the rope until you have it really right and then you will start the reps you are doing.

Battle Ropes

The next exercise you should do is the battle ropes. You will need to have bent knees, a straight back and keep your body aligned parallel during this exercise.


After the battle ropes, you should do the dips. These are great for your body in many ways. You should go as deep as possible so you can maximize the effects of them.


Pull-ups help to increase your muscle mass and your strength.


You can end your daily gym plan with planks. There are many versions of the plank you can do. You can test yourself and keep holding the plank as long as you can. You should try to hit 30 seconds. However, if you have done planks before this won’t be difficult for you so just push harder and harder until you reach your max time.

These are the things you should add into a gym plan. If you do them in this order, you will get the maximum benefits in your muscle tone, muscle mass, strength and your weight loss too.

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