by Scott Elliot

Several types of juices are enjoyed by people in different parts of the world, although it is a beverage that a lot of people might disagree on at the same time.


A lot of people have different perceptions of juice regarding its healthiness. A certain number of people are of the perception that its sugar content is high, while some say they are richly packed with nutrients.


The following juices highlighted are a few healthy juice options and nutritional packages:





Cranberry juice is slightly sour in taste and bright red. It offers lots of benefits. This juice is popular for its potential abilities to fight against UTIs; that is Urinary Tract Infections.


It is highly packed with antioxidants such as anthocyanins, flavonols, procyanidins, then vitamins C and E, which enhance the protection of your cells from damage resulting from free radicals.




Tomato juice; not only is it good for blood but as well savory as it is, making it a tasty and healthy beverage. A lot of people are of the perception that the tomato is a vegetable because of its culinary uses, but it is indeed and biologically a fruit. Regardless, several companies categorize their juice as vegetable juice because of its flavor and low-sugar.


Its juice is richly packed with vitamin C, a primary antioxidant that aids the absorption of iron and immunity of the body system.


Note that, tomato juice could have a high-salt content, therefore has the potential to raise your blood pressure when an excessive quantity is consumed.




Beet juice is known for its many health benefits. The colored juice is a result of blending the beets and water.


It is has a low-sugar content, just like more vegetables are regarded, naturally lower in sugar than fruits. Beets are excellent sources of betalains; these are pigments that give the vegetable its deep-red coloration. It is a strong antioxidant that possesses abilities that reduce your chances of developing heart disease, inflammation, and some cancer types.


Beet juice has as well been revealed to enhance athletic performance and lower blood pressure.





This juice is almost the most popular type of juice. The two primary kinds of apple juice are; cloudy and clear. The cloudy apple juice is a result of the pulp in it, while the pulp being removed gives clear apple juice.


Apple juice delivers potassium moderately, this mineral is key for signaling in the nervous system and maintaining a healthy heart. The vitamin C content in apples is naturally low so most apple juice companies advertising a vitamin C boost probably add vitamin C to it.




Dried plums are referred to as prunes. Often could be enjoyed prune juice or a snack option.


The prune juice is richly packed with B vitamins, which are essential in metabolism, production of red blood cells, and maintaining healthy eyes and skin.


Prune juice is as well used as a remedial option for constipation, particularly in older adults. The fiber in it seems to aid stool softening and may react in the body as a mild laxative. It is as well an excellent source of essential antioxidants, like vitamin C, etc.




Orange juice is most popularly enjoyed with breakfast in several parts of the world and is known for all its nutritional benefits. It is a great and well-known source of an essential antioxidant known as vitamin C, beneficial for healthy skin and absorption of iron into the blood.


It is as well high in other antioxidant compounds which aid to ward off free radicals, responsible for cell-damaging conditions and diseases.


Orange juice can exist as pulpy and non-pulpy. The pulp is a plus on fiber, but not an effective enough amount to be noticed. A lot of orange juice has been advertised to contain added calcium to aid healthy bones.




Grapefruit juice is a slightly sour-tasting beverage that is enjoyed by a lot of people. This juice is richly packed with antioxidants that ward-off diseases such as vitamin C and a compound known as naringin.


Processing this fruit reduces the content of certain antioxidants present in it. For instance, an entire grapefruit is richly packed with beta carotene and lycopene, but juicing grapefruit rids it of these nutrients.


You must be conscious of the fact that grapefruit and grapefruit juice might interfere with a lot of medications such as anti-depressants, blood thinners, and blood pressure medications.


This is because of compounds in grapefruit referred to as furanocoumarins. These compounds interfere with the ability of your liver to process these medications. It is therefore advised to speak with your doctor before consuming grapefruit as juice or not.






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