How Much Sex is Normal For a Satisfying Sex Life?

by Leo Cartland

Most people consider talking about sex life as a taboo or are ashamed about it. And that’s a fair choice considering the judgment associated around it. However, there are many doubts in everyone’s mind as to how much sex is normal for a satisfying relationship. This article discusses what is the right sexual frequency if at all there are any.

So How Much is Enough?

According to a study, age plays a key role in the average sex frequency in adults. That is true considering the fact that when it comes to sex, there are multiple factors associated with it. The biological clocks of both partners, the freshness of relationship, the overall physical and mental health of partners, all these factors contribute to sexual enthusiasm and interest.

External factors such as stress, work pressure, financial struggles will also influence the libido of an individual. Scientists suggest that having sex “couple of times a week” is generally considered healthy, normal and signifies a satisfied relationship. But taking out a small sample out of millions of people and then coming to a conclusion cannot be treated as a feasible result. Every human being is wired differently and has different biological and emotional variations.

Sexual interactionFor those who prefer statistics over a broader view on how frequently they should have sexual intercourse with their partner to maintain a happy relationship, we should look at a survey conducted by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. The survey was conducted among 30,000 individuals who reside within the United States and concluded that more sex does not necessarily equal a happier and more satisfying relationship. After reviewing the results of the survey that was sent out, the researchers behind the study found that couples were happiest when they had sex once every week. Those who had sex more or less frequently reported poorer elements related to the happiness of their relationship.

Challenges Faced in a Sexual Relationship

One of the main challenges faced in a sexual relationship is the fact that one partner is entirely unaware of the biological, physiological and emotional situation of the other. Often, this stirs many insecurities such as fear of losing one’s partner, trust issues and sometimes take more serious turns such as cheating on the partner with someone else.

Another thing that affects the sexual relationship is the factors that arouse each individual. Studies show that men tend to be aroused through different sensations such as touch, smell, taste, etc. whereas women are more emotional beings. They need to wind up all other activities and stresses to really get into the mood. While this is a generalization, individual people, their emotions, and external factors will further complicate the behavior.

In a few cases, one partner or both of them will be worried about their stamina and failure to satisfy their partner and will be looking for ways to increase sexual stamina. If not communicated properly, this can significantly affect one’s sexual life

How Can You Improve The Sexual Relationship?

One of the important, if not the most important factor in any relationship is open communication. Discussing with your partner/partners about your needs, your likes and dislikes and how you are feeling about intimacy, in general, will drastically improve the situation. Getting to know from your partner about his/her interests and trying to work out a solution around it is always better than keeping it under the rug and worrying about it.

Another important thing is to entirely ditch the need to have a specific number of sessions a week. This does not work in most cases and will make things forced for you and your partner. You don’t need to have a calendar for sex necessarily. It is not something that you can actually “schedule.” If your relationship is on a serious downhill and you desperately need something to save it, then few experts suggest having a schedule. But otherwise, it is always recommended to do it naturally when both of you are ready. This will not only improve your relationship but will also make sex more enjoyable.

Getting ready for battleAnother crucial thing to keep in mind is to know that not having sex for a long time is also natural. Many couples, especially those who have been in a long-term relationship, say five years, ten years often take this complaint to the therapist. Just like having sex three times a day is fine, similarly not having sex for a longer period is also fine. If both parties don’t mind this gap and are still satisfied in their relationship, there is nothing wrong about it.

People who are feeling low in terms of sexual stamina can consult a practitioner and seek help. Sometimes, the reason can be medical conditions or physical. But in many cases, it is mental or emotional due to increased stress, excessive alcohol consumption, etc. that can be controlled effectively. Eating specific foods to increase sexual stamina can also prove to be effective.


In the end, what matters is whether you are satisfied and happy in a particular relationship. Having regular sex is only one aspect of a successful relationship. There are factors that are equally, if not more important than sex. Some of them are love, respect, trust, and mutual support. Without these elements, sex alone cannot save a relationship or offer ultimate satisfaction. So the key is to enjoy every aspect of life and not just focusing on one area.

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