What is Intuitive Eating and Does it Work?

What is Intuitive Eating and Does it Work?

Intuitive eating. Have you ever heard of it before? If not, it is time for you to learn more about it. For most men who try to lose weight, they may f

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Intuitive eating. Have you ever heard of it before? If not, it is time for you to learn more about it. For most men who try to lose weight, they may focus too much on restricting their calorie intake. When you only focus on the intake of calories, most of the day you are going to be hungry. Additionally, a calorie intake plan may plummet your metabolic rate which makes losing weight extremely tough.

downloadBasis of Intuitive Eating

What if you were able to eat all the foods you would like to and lose weight without the need to count calories? This is the basis of intuitive eating. The rule for this type of plan is to eat every time you get hungry but stop when you get full. Don’t eat until you are overly-stuffed. You don’t have to count calories or focus on which foods are good or bad for you either. If you have already tried many other diets that don’t work, intuitive eating is the way to go. Try it to see if it works for you. If you take LipoGenix Elite supplements along with doing intuitive eating, you will be on the right path.

Ways that Intuitive Eating Works

The intuitive eating plan puts focus on following your body awareness. You will pay attention to your emotions and how your body is feeling. Let this influence when and how much you eat. The intuitive eating plan becomes more of a lifestyle than anything else. You get to eat if you are feeling hungry. You will pay attention to when you feel full and stop eating at that time.

Restriction of Foods

When you follow a calorie restriction diet, you will need to focus only on eating foods that are on the yes-list. You won’t be listening to your body at all. With the calorie restriction diet, you stay away from higher calorie food. When you follow an intuitive eating plan, you don’t have to avoid food. The psychology of it is that if foods are restricted you will be more likely to eat them. People don’t generally like to be told what they can and can’t do.

Slow but Progressive

With intuitive eating, you can drop off weight. It might be slow but it will be progressive. You might gain weight at first but once you start focusing more on the awareness of an intuitive eating plan, you will start to lose weight. You will start to learn how to create a healthier relationship with foods.

1287707_91235857-500x333Research with this Type of Plan

Research does back up intuitive eating. While the research does show that weight loss is slower with intuitive eating, people are more likely to stick up to it. You will still want to exercise while focusing on your awareness to eating. If you want long-term weight loss, research shows this may be for you. Intuitive eating also has been shown to lower your BMI.

Best Choice

Is intuitive eating going to be the best choice for you? After a quick thought, you may instantly want to do this type of plan since it doesn’t limit what you can and can’t eat. This may be an attractive thought. As long as you remember that you need to focus on how your body feelings. If you are feeling full, you must stop eating. If you are hungry, eat just a bit. Learning to listen to your body can help you to lose weight, eat right, reduce stress and have many other health benefits as well. If you are a binge eater, this plan may not be right for you. However, if you can control what you eat and you want some more freedom over what you eat, giving this plan a try may be the best choice for you.

You can use intuitive eating to lose weight. It might be a slower process than what you would like but it does work for many men. If you have tried other weight loss plans and nothing really worked for you, this is the type of plan that you may want to stick with.