Is Your Sexual Performance Up to Par? If Not, Here’s What You Can Do

Is Your Sexual Performance Up to Par? If Not, Here’s What You Can Do

When men’s performance in the bedroom slowly disintegrates, they tend to start worrying. When they tend to start worrying, they also tend to have even

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When men’s performance in the bedroom slowly disintegrates, they tend to start worrying. When they tend to start worrying, they also tend to have even more of a hard time getting hard; it’s just natural body chemistry that this happens.

Unfortunately, trying to increase your odds of getting an erection the natural way is easier said than done. Often times, no matter how much men try to eat the right foods, no matter how much they try to exercise every day, and no matter how much they lay off of the alcohol, they still can’t seem to get an erection and keep it up every single time.

It’s okay, guys. There’s a solution to this problem:


Progentra has been helping men for quite some time when it comes to performance in the bedroom, and everything this little supplement does is not just a hoax; it’s the real deal.

Let’s take a look at some of the qualities Progentra has that could be potentially beneficial to you:

  • It makes penis enlargement possible
  • It provides a better sex drive for the user
  • It expands the rate of sexual stamina the user is able to have
  • It is very affordable for men of all ages

However, that’s not all this magnificent little supplement can do. Let’s also take a look at the ingredients Progentra has within its capsule coating below:


This ingredient is an important amino acid used to increase nitric acid levels throughout the body. Now, what the nitric acid does once it’s risen in your body, is it allows for the penis’ smooth muscle to contract, in turn allowing a better and easier blood flow to go to, from, and throughout the penile blood vessels.

In conclusion, L-Arginine primarily ensures that the appropriate blood flow needed to make the penis hard gets to where it needs to go in adequate time.

Maca Root

This ingredient, according to many specialists, is a proven ingredient in improving sexual performance. Now, why is it a proven ingredient in improving sexual performance? Well, because it’s known as a hormone balancer (which actually makes it good for both men and women).

However, we want to specifically talk about why it’s good for men in this article. With that being said, Maca Root just so happens to give men the benefit of being able to control their orgasms. Basically, this ingredient allows a man’s body to focus in on the sexual activity, to really narrow in on when it’s time to orgasm, and essentially to be able to continuously keep that hard, stiff erection for as long as they’d particularly like.

Tribulus Terrestris

This ingredient is a natural testosterone producer. Men that use products with this ingredient in them, such as Progentra, can experience an intense libido. In addition, users can also expect to have an increase in pheromones. This, in turn, allows for an appropriate amount of the hormone testosterone to get men where they need to be when it comes to sexual desire and sexual performance.

Tongkat Ali

This ingredient is said to be an extraordinary ingredient in helping men with erectile dysfunction. Specifically speaking, Tongkat Ali actually had three super roles in helping men with their performance, and those roles are:

  1. Tongkat Ali is a great testosterone booster. By producing the correct amount of testosterone, this ingredient can increase the sex drive as well as keep longer erection times.
  2. Tongkat Ali acts as a Free Calcium Blocker. According to researchers, this ingredient anticipates flabbiness to the penis during any sexual act.
  3. When Tongkat Ali is used in combination with another ingredient, such as L-Arginine, the two allow the blood flow to the penis and surrounding areas to increase, in turn increasing the penis’ size.

Muira Puama  

This ingredient makes it possible for Progentra to speed up its effects on the body and its ability to make the penis become erect. Additionally, Muira Puama just so happens to be a testosterone booster, making it beneficial in more than one way. In fact, the ingredient makes the supplement act so quickly, that the effects of it can be experienced in less than a single day. And, while Muira Puama is combining with other ingredients within the body, it is able to have a stronger impact on the sex drive and sex performance of any man that consumes it.

So, if I asked you the question, “Is your sexual performance up to par?” What would your answer be?


By Jenny Lyn