Keep Fit Even When Travelling

by Scott Elliot

If you have to do a lot of travelling, you may find it difficult to keep fit. You may not think you have the time to work out especially if you are in the car or on a plane a lot of the time. Maybe your time is filled up with conferences or other business events when travelling. Stop right where you are. Tell yourself there is always time for you to keep fit. Go ahead and tell yourself that and then keep reading. Just because you travel, you can’t give up your physical fitness. You may not be able to stick to as much of a routine but you can keep fit.


Yes, travelling a lot may seem very difficult in itself, let alone trying to add physical exercises into the mix. However, even when you are travelling, you can still maintain your physical fitness. You can maintain your body fat, still compete in races if you choose, squeeze in exercises daily and have an overall better sense of health as well. Don’t give up on your physical fitness just because you need to travel.


Ways to Keep Fit

There are many ways you can keep fit while you are travelling. Do you have to spend a lot of time in the airport waiting for your plane? If so, you can use the airport as your gym. You don’t have to embarrass yourself. However, you can sling the bags you carry around each shoulder to build shoulder and arm strength. You can go into the bathroom and do some squats. If there are stairs, use those instead of escalators or elevators. Instead of sitting when you are waiting for the plane, walk around. When you must stand in line, do toe raises or knee dips. Don’t let waiting be an excuse for why you can’t work out and keep fit.


Arriving to Your Destination

Yes, you may be busy when you get to where you need to be. However, if you are staying in a hotel and you have just checked into your room, utilize that time. Stay in your room for an extra ten minutes and work out. While you are walking to your destination, carry a heavy bag or even jog if you can. If there is a taxi but you could walk to your destination in enough time, do that instead. There are many exercises you can do quickly when you arrive at your destination so do them.

Utilize the Maps App on Your Phone

Just about everyone uses a smartphone and you probably do if you are travelling a lot. How much do you utilize important apps on your phone? Why not utilize the maps app on your phone? If you have some extra time on your trip, use the maps app to find nearby locations. You will get to see gyms in the area, pools, parks and other areas where you can exercise. You might even find that the hotel in which you are staying at has its own fitness area. Use it, even if you are just doing so for a little bit of time. As you see, the maps app on your phone is more than just planning your travels. You can use it to find places where you can exercise as well.

No more using travelling as an excuse for why you can’t get fit or keep fit. There is always time to exercise and work out even if you are only doing it for a few minutes or so. Make a plan ahead of time in your travels to exercise. The more you think about it and do it, the more accustomed you will become to working out on your travels. Now that you know travelling isn’t a reason not to keep fit and you know you can make it possible, do it.

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