Lube 101 – What You Need to Know About Using Lube

by Scott Elliot

preview-full-landscape-1434062280-lube-gettyimages-126154049Lube is one of those things that some people use and some people have no idea of the benefits it can bring. Either way, not many people know the few important facts about lubrication that they should know. While, yes, it is a slippery solution to a tightness problem, it can also be used to increase sensation and to heighten the pleasure for both of you. Not limited to simply being used in penile sex, it can be used during fingering as well, and also during in oral sex.

But before you use lubrication, there are a few key facts you should know. Some things are bad news and some things are good, but they are important to get your head around so you don’t make a mistake.

  1. There are different kinds of lubricants

There are different kinds of lubricants and knowing your lubes is important for both safety and pleasure. Silicon-based lubricants can be used for all types of sexual endeavors, from hand play to oral sex, to vaginal and anal sex. It tends to stick very well which is great during sex, but terrible when you want to wash it off. Water-based lubricants can come as both a regular lube and as a cream. The cream has a thicker texture and therefore creates friction, which makes it good for hand jobs. The normal water-based lube is not great for hand jobs due to its thinness and the fact it air dries. However, it is rated number one for anal sex. Lastly, you have oil-based lubricants. You can use a variety of oils, from coconut oil to Vaseline, however, and importantly, these types of lubricants break condoms. So, if condoms are your means of protection, do not use an oil-based lubricant. However, women tend to love them.

  1. Lube can be used in oral sex

While people think that lube is always used as a means to loosen things up and to reduce friction, it can be used to create and even more slippery feel during oral sex. Equally, with the plethora of flavored lubes available on the market these days, it can also become a tasty experience, either for a guy or a girl.

  1. Lubes can contain glycerine

Glycerine is essentially sugar and many lubes can contain it, especially flavored ones. While this may be great for the taste, it can sometimes be unfavorable to women with sensitive vaginas, as it can upset the delicate balance of vaginal flora. Always check the label and let her know what’s inside before using it.

  1. There are lubes to up the anti

preview-full-best-lube-for-anal-sexSome lubrications now come with added features. You can find heating/warming lubes which work best when friction is created, such as in a hand job, or by using one’s breath to heat them. Don’t blow on them, that doesn’t work (no matter what they say). This sensation can be nice, mainly for men, but be careful putting it in a vagina as it can cause quite a bit of heat. However, there are tingly lubes which create a fizzy sensation, similar to tea tree shampoos (but less strong). These tend to get the nerve endings tingling in a woman, increasing her pleasure.

If you want the height of pleasure, why not involve a little lube. If you really want to experiment, you may want to last a little longer in the game, so try taking a supplement such as ‘Marathon Man Maca 1000’ to keep you going for longer. This will give you more time to try out some sensitivity-enhancing lubes without coming too quickly!

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