How Many Times Per Week Should You be Having Sex? Is Too Much or Too Little Unhealthy?

by Scott Elliot

shutterstock_362977286When it comes to how often or how frequent we should have sex, the answer usually varies depending on the source. The safe amount of sex varies from individual to individual of course, but generally speaking how often should you be having sex? Again the answer to this question is dependent on a number of factors including age, activity level and overall general health.

As we age, our bodies break down which is a hard inevitable truth to accept. As such, as we get older our activities levels decline, sexual activity included. Our bodies are not as efficient in creating and using energy, our bones break down and joints deteriorate.

Our blood vessels also become less flexible as we age, restricting blood flow which negatively affects sexual performance. With age men also produce less testosterone, which is believed to reduce libido. One study we looked at showed that people aged 40-49 have sex on average half as many times per week as 20-29 year olds in the same period of time.

Should I Have Sex if I Am Ill?

Health is another concern when it comes to how often you should have sex as well. People who have chronic illnesses that affect their health like certain types of cancer, neurological diseases or other debilitating diseases are simply not going to be able to have sex as often. In addition to that, these people are more likely to become extremely tired and fatigued as a result of sex.

People who are suffering from something less severe like a cold or other type of short term, minor passing illness should not be as concerned. Having sex while being only slightly ill will not have a negative effect on their overall health.

Our age and our health are two major factors to consider when deciding how often and when we should be having sex. Age is obviously something we cannot change, however lifestyle changes in diet and exercises can positively influence our health.

Cardiovascular Exercise

shutterstock_570697726Cardiovascular exercise is one great way to improve your overall health, sexual drive and frequency of sex. Cardiovascular exercise can be performed at very low to very high intensity, without the necessity for gym equipment making it a program that virtually anyone can use and take advantage of.

Walking, running, jogging, swimming etc can be done at whatever pace desired over a set period of time. The idea behind this exercise being to temporarily boost heart rate for at least a 20-30 minute period of time to see results.

Doing this type of program consistently over a long period of time allows the heart and the body the ability to change and adapt. This means that the body may even grow and develop new blood vessels to help facilitate the efficient flow of blood to where the body needs it.  During intercourse, the male’s body signals the flow of blood to the penis for an erection to occur, and cardiovascular exercise may help to maintain harder erections over a longer period of time.

So How Often Should I Be Having Sex?

Again this depends on your age, fitness level and overall health. If you are not over the age of 50, are in good health and are physically fit then you really shouldn’t be too concerned with having sex too often.  Exhausting yourself to the point where sex has a negative impact on your health when you are young and healthy is not a concern.

On the other hand, if you are elderly, have a serious health condition or both, you may want to reduce the frequency of intercourse. Some people are not aware of how the body redirects blood flow during sex, and how this can have severe negative side effects to those with health issues. If you have heart disease, lung disease or have any other chronic illness in relation to the cardiovascular system, consult your doctor before having sex.

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