Multiply, Flex and Recover: Best Fitness Tips Ever

by Scott Elliot

Do you hope to get fit sooner rather than later? Would you like to find ways to do this without having to struggle so much in the process? If you can answer yes to these two questions, you are on your way to a 3 step plan to the best fitness in your entire life. This 3 step plan is to multiply, flex and recover. Now, the question is…what does this mean for you? To multiply means you are building your muscles. To flex means you are spending more time relaxing and loosening your muscles. To recover means you are allowing yourself to heal more after workouts.

Multiplication of Your Muscles

multiply-flex-and-recover-multiplication-of-your-musclesSo you know that to multiply in this 3 step process means that you are building your muscles. In order to do this, there is a certain fitness formula you may want to follow. The first thing to do is to start multiplying the pounds you are lifting over time. You may want to lift the same amount for a week or so and then increase the amount after that. Basically, when you aren’t feeling as much intensity in your muscles or body when you are lifting, you need to multiply the number of pounds you lift. You can even try to increase the pounds you lift every workout, even if that is just by a pound or two as well.

Flexing Your Muscles

multiply-flex-and-recover-flexing-your-musclesFlexing your muscles is extremely important. It is necessary to make sure you are spending double the amount of time stretching when you have muscles that are tight or tense. If you are going to be working out, you should definitely focus on flexing the muscles in your whole body, not in just one area. This will give you the best prevention of injuries and allow you to recover faster after your workouts too.

Recovering Faster

When you work out, your body needs to have time to recover when you are finished. If you start exercising or lifting too soon, before your body has had time to recover, you are more likely to pull a muscle or hurt yourself in some way. When you are recovering, you can still exercise. Some great exercises to do when you are recovering include stretches, yoga, minimal rep exercises and similar exercise movements. Test your body before pushing yourself back into working out. Doing all of this will allow you to recover faster.
These are some of the best ways you can work on your fitness program. This 3 step process – multiply, flex and recovery – allows you to make the most of your work outs, exercising, stretches and injury prevention. Incorporate these tips into any fitness program you are participating in if you want to have the best and more excellent results. Multiply, flex and recovery – get into it today!

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