Is Nugenix the Real Deal?

Is Nugenix the Real Deal?

At a Glance Basically, Nugenix is claimed to be a high-quality nutritional product that’s touted to increase your free testosterone levels the natura

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At a Glance

Basically, Nugenix is claimed to be a high-quality nutritional product that’s touted to increase your free testosterone levels the natural way. This is claimed to lead positive gains, such as increased sex drive, improved blood flow to the muscles, greater fitness outcome, and better sex life in general.

This product is said to be made potent and effectual with the use of natural components to secure its safety. These ingredients are as follows:

Testofen & Tribulus Terrestris – comes from the fenugreek plant, which is believed to improve sexual desire, performance, and overall pleasure

L-Citrulline Malate – believed to calm blood vessels in order to deliver more solid erections.

Zinc – could be useful in increasing the body’s ability to restore cells and support prostate and overall sexual health.

Vitamin B6 – could aid in boosting sexual desire and the creation of red blood cells which could be compromised as a result of low testosterone levels.

Vitamin B12 – could help in supporting digestion and increasing energy levels.

Nugenix has proven itself to be effective that it was awarded the GNC Innovation Award in 2013. It’s also achieved the topmost spot as GNC’s Number 1 best-selling supplement for men’s sexual health and vigor.

The company behind Nugenix touts that you should consume 3 capsules each day without meals. It is also claimed to be harmless since it doesn’t have any stimulants and other dangerous fillers that can trigger adverse reactions.

Defining Free Testosterone

Mayo Clinic said that most testosterone in the body is connected to the sex hormone-binding globulin (SBHG), while the rest of the testosterone is attached to albumin. It is categorized as free since it is active biologically. Simply put, free testosterone is the only that’s openly accessible for tissue usage, which can boost physical strength, muscle mass, and many other benefits.

However, free testosterone decline with aging, which results to reduced sex drive, strength, loose muscles, and other unpleasant manifestations. This is where Nugenix comes into picture.

What’s Behind Low Testosterone?

Testosterone levels decline for a couple of reasons aside from aging. This includes smoking, damage of the testicles due to accidents, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, obesity, and others. Given this, it is important to visit your doctor prior to using any testosterone solutions.

Nugenix Product Label

Below are the ingredients in Nugenix alongside their dosages:

Zinc 5mg

Vitamin B6 2mg

Vitamin B12 50mcg

Nugenix Testosterone Complex (Testofen® Fenugreek Extract 50% Fenuside™, L-Citruline Malate, Tribulus terrestris) 2,103mg

What Users Have to Say?

Even though there’s not sufficient clinical proof that the components in Nugenix can generate significant benefits, a lot of users seem to appreciate this product. Some customers, however, complained about side effects associated with its use, which are hair loss, headaches, stomach discomfort, and nasal congestion, to name a few.

In addition, even though Nugenix was awarded by GNC, customers on the site only left mostly 3-star scores. Some of the mostly grieved issues were ineffectiveness and steep cost. On the other hand, reviewers on Amazon left the product with 2.5 stars

Nugenix’s manufacturer also is behind another product called Instaflex. It is mainly headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is listed with the Better Business Bureau and has an A rating based on around 60 closed grievances.

Nugenix Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

You can buy this product from the company for a one-time purchase, which costs $69.99 with an additional $4.99 to cover for shipping and handling.

Another option is you can have Nugenix via their 14-day free trial. This means you will be sent a one-month supply of the supplement in which you will only pay $4.99 for the shipping. But as soon as the trial finishes, you will be charged for the full amount, which is $69.99. You will also be subsequently registered into the company’s autoship plan, which will enable you to receive monthly supply with your credit card being charged $69.99 for Nugenix and $4.99 for its shipping.