Plant Based Foods That Can Improve Sex Drive and Stamina

by Scott Elliot

Keeping your libido in check and being able to perform long enough are very important to maintaining a healthy sex life. In order to do so we need to be getting all the necessary ingredients, which come in the form of nutrients. Our diets are where we get most of the nutrients, along with some supplementation as well.

Eating the right foods can mean the difference between a great sex life and one that is horrible. Traditionally meats were looked to as a great food choice for men’s sexual health because meats have a full amino acid profile, and contain mostly everything else that men need to have a healthy sex life.

As of late however more and more people are becoming health conscious, and are realizing the increased potential risks of getting certain diseases by eating certain foods.

Red meats in particular are harmful to our health because of the high amount of saturated fats they contain, which can cause cardiovascular problems.

Because of this many people are switching to vegan or vegetarian diets, and many men who have done so have become deficient in some nutrients which are essential to their sexual health.

What Are the Best Plant Based Foods Which Can Improve Male Sexual Health?


Maca root extract is something found in many male enhancement supplements, which has shown to be very effective in improving sexual desire and stamina. Maca root is from the same family as radishes, and originate from South America.

These root vegetables are very rich in B vitamins, which not only act as an aphrodisiac but also helps to reduce stress and improve energy levels as well.


Plant Based Foods That Can Improve Sex Drive and StaminaYou should be including watermelon in to your diet to improve your sex life for two major reasons: L-citrulline and lycopene. L-citrulline is important because it is a precursor to another amino acid which is then used to make nitric oxide, a vasodilator. Vasodilators open up certain blood vessels in certain areas of the body to facilitate blood flow, which of course is essential in getting erections.

Lycopene is another important element here, and for similar reasons. Lycopene is essential in maintaining cardiovascular health, which includes the blood vessels that supply the penis.

When choosing a watermelon, the redder the better. Watermelon gets its red coloration from the presence of lycopene so make sure to choose one dark red in color over pink.


Plant Based Foods That Can Improve Sex Drive and StaminaBananas are great for sexual health because they reduce our stress, make us feel good and get us in the mood. Bananas contain a good amount of B vitamins which are essential in maintaining our energy levels.

Bananas also have an amino acid called tryptophan, the one notorious for making us sleepy after thanksgiving dinner. This amino acid is used to produce the “feel good” hormone known as serotonin, which also helps to improve desire as well.

This fruit is also well known as a good source of potassium, and potassium is an important component behind maintaining proper blood pressure and thus blood flow. All excellent reasons to be eating more bananas.


Beans are not only a good source of protein and fiber which is what they are well known for, but also being one of the most nutritionally dense foods out there. Beans are rich in potassium and antioxidants which are going to help improve your energy levels, blood flow, and sexual performance as a result.

People who regularly eat beans also tend to have a lower weight on average, which can also positively affect cardiovascular functioning. Less weight on the body means less stress on the heart, and easier facilitation of blood to areas all over the body.


Oatmeal is already known as one of the healthiest, most nutritional breakfast foods out there that you should already be eating plenty of. If not, improved sexual performance is another reason to add to the list of reasons why you should be.

Oatmeal helps to do so by promoting relaxation in the blood vessels, allowing for better blood flow and circulation. It also is rich in L-arginine, an amino acid essential in blood vessel dilation as we now know.

Oatmeal has also shown the ability to improve levels of free testosterone in the body, which is important in maintaining energy levels and a good sex drive.

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