Popular Lies on Nutritional Supplement Labels

by Leo Cartland
supplement facts label on bottle

Since the supplement market in the United States has little regulation, it is extremely easy to end up accidentally buying supplement pills on the internet or even at your local pharmacy that are illegal or contain false information. This false information can eventually lead you to take unhealthy doses of dangerous chemicals. It can also lead you to believe these supplements can actually work when, in reality, problems including improper packaging, improper storage, and high amounts useless ingredients have actually rendered the supplement pills completely ineffective. Therefore, when you want to buy supplements for weight loss, metabolism, athletic boosts, or sexual enhancement, you will want to be careful about any misinformation that the labels might be telling you.

You can never lose weight without dieting or exercise.

Some supplements might make it a little bit easier for you to lose weight. For example, some studies have demonstrated that certain coffee and tea extracts can make it somewhat easier for you to lose a little bit weight. Other studies show that certain lipids present in raspberries can make it significantly easier for your body to burn high amounts of fat. Therefore, it makes significant sense many supplements would contain ingredients like caffeine, coffee bean extract, green tea extract, raspberry antioxidants, and raspberry ketones. However, these ingredients alone cannot do all the weight loss work for you.

fat man disappointed with weight loss drug pressing his bellyIf you want to experience permanent weight loss results, then you have to put in some of your own work. You have to watch the food you eat and you have to engage in physical activity. The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you are consuming. The reality is no supplement is going to somehow force your body to start burning huge amounts of calories for no reason. Some ingredients like ephedra might accelerate your metabolism, but ephedra was actually banned by the Food and Drug Administration due to certain health concerns, so any supplement with ephedra is actually illegal.

Supplement manufacturers might try convincing you that other similar ingredients have the same effects as ephedra, but no study has been able to prove any other ingredient can get your body to start burning calories. Your body only burns calories when it needs the energy, which means you have to exercise and choose healthy foods that are not going to make you hungry later.

It is impossible to stop your body from absorbing carbohydrates.

When you are trying to lose weight, it is definitely a good idea to avoid empty carbohydrates. You should replace them with foods that have many nutrients and can fill you up so that you do not get too hungry later. However, no food or supplement ingredient has been shown to stop your body from absorbing carbohydrates. Therefore, if you want fewer carbohydrates floating around your body, then you are going to have to stop eating high amounts of carbohydrates. About six studies supposedly claim that certain ingredients including bean extract can somehow prevent carbohydrate absorption by blocking enzymes responsible for digesting carbohydrates. However, recent research proves these six studies all had serious flaws.

Admittedly, bean extract is definitely healthy for you. Therefore, you should eat beans because that is probably the best way to get a healthy dosage of bean extract. It will definitely give your metabolism a bit of a boost and it can stop you from becoming hungrier later. Anything with proteins, antioxidants, and vegetable fibers is going to be a good replacement for food high in carbohydrates and low in other important nutrients. If you take the diet seriously, then you will probably lose some weight. However, taking supplements in addition to carbohydrates is definitely not going to do much for you.

Do not take high doses of sexual enhancement pills, even if they are over-the-counter.

Popular Lies on Nutritional Supplement LabelsLittle scientific evidence exists to show that non-prescription male enhancement pills can work. All the most common ingredients in sexual enhancement supplements have no scientific backing to show they can help men with more than just mild erectile dysfunction. However, anecdotal evidence definitely show some promising results and reports show that sexual enhancement supplements can actually help men with erections, orgasms, sex drive, and even penis size. Unfortunately, many sexual enhancement supplements contain ingredients that can be potentially dangerous, especially in high dosages. Recent reports show men taking sexual enhancement are often hospitalized when they end up taking high doses. Therefore, you should avoid taking more than one pill for sexual enhancement. You also try to take as low of a dosage as possible.

Even over-the-counter pills can contain harmful ingredients that are not natural. Many of the labels might claim that the pills only contain natural ingredients including herbs and other organic substances, but recent studies on popular natural sexual supplements has revealed the pills often contain synthetic material that is usually reserved for prescription medications like Viagra. Therefore, it is no surprise that doctors rarely recommend over-the-counter sexual enhancement for men. If you want an easy fix for erectile dysfunction, then talk to your doctor about the safest ways to try either prescription or non-prescription sexual enhancement. You can also try to figure out what is causing your erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is usually a result of anxiety, depression, obesity, or poor blood circulation. By treating these problems, you can actually reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction without trying to navigate which sexual enhancement supplements can actually work for you.

Supplements might be tempting because they many of them reportedly can provide you with an easy fix to a medical or nutritional problem that usually take a lot of hard work to solve.

While some vitamins and nutrients are definitely important for your health, you can get most of these from the food that you eat. If you are having difficulty with maintaining a well-balanced diet, then some dietary supplements can definitely provide you with any nutrients that you might need. However, you should still talk to your healthcare provider about which supplements can actually do anything for you.

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