A Product Review of Aptulux: How Safe and Efficient Is this Product?

by Scott Elliot

Aptulux Introduction

preview-full-image-2A dietary supplement that’s loaded with essential nutrients, Aptulux says it can boost the metabolism, lessen food cravings especially the urge to eat tasty yet high-calorie foods, and enhance the immune system, all of which can tremendously help to lose weight the safe and fast way. The weight loss results through Aptulux is also claimed to be more permanent for both men and women.

The company behind the product says this can be achieved through the use of natural components that have gone through meticulous research and developed by experts in the nutrition and weight loss field. These ingredients are claimed to undergo clinical tests and have been proven to induce safe weight loss without the need to exercise. It is even asserted that the product’s formula is highly effectual it’s claimed as an award-winning exclusive formula that has since become the topmost weight loss remedy.

Sure, everybody wants to fulfill their weight loss goals as fast as possible, but can Aptulux really be the answer and the ultimate solution? Does it really work the way it claims to work and deliver amazing results? These are some thoughts about the product that you should start considering:

Aptulux Components

Based on the information on the product’s official site, Aptulux has garcinia cambogia, aloe vera, cascara sagrada, and gymnema sylvestre. However, there isn’t any product label given, so we cannot know for certain the precise quantity of each component Aptulux has. The question is: are these ingredients valuable when the goal is to safely and quickly lose weight?

As we’ve discussed before in other articles, there is no concrete scientific evidence that the hydroxycitric found ingarcinia cambogia could help you shed some pounds. There’s much fuss about this component’s said usefulness when it comes to weight loss, but there’s no clinical proof whatsoever that supports these claims.

On the other hand, Supplement View says that aloe vera and cascara sagrada are helpful when used as laxatives while gymnema sylvestre does not have adequate clinical proof that it has any sort of health advantages.

Thus, it strongly implies that the components in this product may be useful in alleviating constipation, and maybe even the related water weight, but they’re not really direct agents of weight loss in any way.

Aptulux Adverse Reactions

Regardless of their ineffectiveness in providing weight loss results, the components in this product seem to be safe for consumption, though it can be expected for some to have cramps, stomach pain and digestive discomfort.

Since the ingredients in Aptulux also function as laxatives, the product should not be taken for extended durations, specifically more than 1-2 weeks.

Aptulux Marketing Approach

Conceivably, since there’s no clinical proof as to the efficacy of the product itself and the components that compose it, its maker chooses to execute not-so-impressive marketing strategies in order to make their product appealing to the market.

For example, the manufacturer gives the impression that Aptulux is very efficient that it’s a challenge to keep up with the supply as the demand, as they claim, is high. They’re even saying that Aptulux is hard to find in stores now because of the shortage of stocks.

When in fact, there’s no sign that Aptulux has even been offered in retails. Its official site was only registered in December 2014. That is why it is not possible that they’ve sold so many products already and that they’ve already reached the stores when they’re just relatively new in the market.

There is another poor marketing technique that some companies do in order to make it look like that their products have been featured in some publications and shows. For instance, Aptulux claims that this weight loss supplement has appeared in NBC, CNN, Women’s Health and others, though there’s no verification that these features/appearances really happened.

Is Aptulux Efficient in Promoting Weight Loss?

preview-full-Acacia-and-Weight-LossJust like several other weight loss products we’ve evaluated here, Aptulux does exclusive marketing endorsements via affiliates. These affiliates get to earn money through commissions on every sale of the product. Consequently, they tend to make false review sites for the purpose of increasing sales. These sites and reviews are created to appear legit when they’re really nothing but part of the marketing hype they’re trying to build.

Apart from these sites made by affiliates, we weren’t able to find real customer feedbacks discussing Aptulux’s safety and efficient as of this writing.

Aptulux is manufactured by the company of the same name. It is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware. However, the manufacturer is not with the Better Business Bureau. We also weren’t able to find any supplementary info or details about the company on the web.

Aptulux Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

This weight loss supplement can be bought via the following selections:

1 Bottle: $59.99

3 Bottles: $119.97

5 Bottles: $174.95

All these selections have free shipping.

In contrast with other weight loss products we have evaluated, Aptulux is not offered via a free trial. It also does not indicate that you will be enrolled in an autoship plan after making an order.

The product offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling fees. To request for a refund, you need to email [email protected]. Unfortunately, this is the only way you could contact their customer service as there no telephone # posted on their site.

Bottom Line: Is Aptulux a Value For Money?

For one, it was found that the components in this weight loss product cannot really do anything other than alleviate constipation. There is no clinical evidence that these ingredients are valuable when it comes to weight loss. Plus, the manufacturer also uses marketing techniques to lure people into buying their products. Considering Aptulux’s price is also not reasonable, it’s hard to imagine investing into a dietary supplement with vague health and weight loss benefits. Besides, supplements are not enough when the primary goal is losing weight. Proper nutrition and regular exercise have to be included in your weight management plan to see positive results.


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