A Product Review of Panaxcea: Is it Safe & Effective?

by Scott Elliot

Panaxcea: General Idea

preview-full-Tips-on-How-to-Join-the-Health-and-Wellness-Scene-in-Boston-This particular supplement is newly launched in the market. Named Panaxcea, it asserts to be useful in terms of cell cleansing and regeneration, cellular restoration, and toxic eradication. Its manufacturer even says that Panaxcea can deliver a sense of physical and mental rebirth.

With this, its manufacturer also claims the said product could aid in the alleviation of muscle and joint achiness, as well as maximize one’s suppleness, enhance the capacity to mentally assess, and heighten one’s memory. Panaxcea may even aid in revisiting your youth by making you feel young once again, as its company purports.

For those inexperienced buyers, they’d think Panaxcea is the ultimate solution to regain their lost youth. But to those who know better, it’s not the case. Read on to find more about this supplement.


Defining Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are basically categorized as food since they only have GRAS or generally recognized as safe components. The predicament is there’s surely more oversight in terms of standards and protocols to foods than supplements. In actuality, there’s only slight oversight that subjecting the supplements industry that most companies take advantage of by coming up with any assertions they want about their products without providing any scientific evidence.

In a number of case, supplements and vitamins offered via national resellers have been demonstrated to have none of the components on their product label with some even involving possibly hazardous elements for those who have allergies.

Simply put, because dietary supplements cannot actually provide any significant health gains or cure a medical problem, they’re mostly thought to be ineffectual by the medical community. Still, let’s take a look whether Panaxcea is different.


What are the Components?

Vitamin B6 1mg

Folate 40mcg

Vitamin B12 6mcg

Biotin 32mcg

Pantothenic Acid 0.5mg

Calcium 10mg

Iron 1mg

Phosphorus 1mg

Iodine 10mcg

Magnesium 2mg

Zinc 0.3mg

Selenium 30mcg

Copper 0.5mg

Manganese 0.5mg

Chromium 20mcg

Molybdenum 20mcg

Sodium Chloride 0.8mg

Potassium 4mg

Choline 10mcg

Inositol 12.2mcg

Boron 10mcg

Silica 0.93mg

Vanadium 5mcg

Fluoride 10mcg

Sea cucumber extract 2mg

Resveratrol 0.5mg

Lutein 10mg

Zeaxanthin 2mg

That is quite a lot of ingredients. Are they potent enough to generate significant health benefits?

Most of the components in the supplement’s formula can be seen in several multivitamins accessible in local drugstores. But unless you have deficiency in one of these elements, augmenting your consumption through a supplement does not necessarily generate any positive results. Basically you can get adequate amount of nutrients from the foods you eat.

How about other components in the supplement? Inositol, for instance, has been demonstrated to expand blood vessels. With this, this might do you good by decreasing your cholesterol levels. There’s also Reseveratrol which could possibly enhance the flow of blood and Zeaxanthin that may help in delaying the deterioration of muscles.

Lastly, there’s also some proof illustrating that sea cucumber extract has potential in preventing cancer.

On the other hand, the scientific proof that concludes that any of the components, individually or grouped, can deliver significant health gains is lacking. Fortunately, these components aren’t known for causing serious side effects, just a mild stomach discomfort in some cases.


Panaxcea Cost

The supplement can be bought through these selections:

1-Month: $39.95 plus $7.95 S&H

3-Month: $119.95

6-Month: $189.95

12-Month: $279.97

Upon checking out, you can also opt to buy the Detoxin supplement for an additional fee of $19.95, or Actacel 4X for $34.95.

If you’re in a haste to have your order processed, you can expect faster processing for an additional of $1.50. Rushed shipping costs $8.

All orders provide a 90-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling. The date starts from when you get your package. To activate this, contact Mile High Madison Group Limited’s customer service at 800-375-5498.

Autoship Plans

preview-full-Dad-Feeling-YoungAs of this writing, there were not many online reviews for Panaxcea. It is listed with Better Business Bureau with an F rating based on 16 grievances from consumers. Most of the criticisms root from paid orders that were not received or issues with the company’s autoship enrolments. However, the greater part of these complaints was linked to the manufacturer’s earlier product, the Regenify.

On the other hand, we read on the fine print written on the product’s ordering section that enrolling to their autoship program is up to you. There’s a box on the page that you can manually check in order to enroll. The program will also be cut by default after making three successive purchases.


Final Verdict: Is this the Real Deal?

The supplement’s name, Panaxcea, comes from Panacea and Panax. In Greek mythology, the former means a cure of all illnesses and something that essentially translates to being immortal. In Asia, the latter is basically a ginseng that’s been traditionally used for hundreds of years to heal an assortment of diseases. When you mix these two, you get Panaxcea. But is this product, which is a nutritional supplement, be efficient in providing any substantial health gains?

Considering the inadequate scientific data substantiating the potency of the components in Panaxcea, the basic fact that your body doesn’t need purifying, and another fact that Panaxcea and the company’s former supplement Regenify are made in the same way since they have the same components, we’re concluding that Panaxcea isn’t any good in terms of delivering the results its company claims to provide.

It is better to consult with your doctor if you constantly feel you’re having mental issues like struggling to recall things, joint achiness or rigidity, or being lethargic for long periods of time. It is likely that you won’t see any noticeable results if you just rely on Panaxcea to help you overcome the aforementioned physical and mental problems. As mentioned, the scientific foundation that backs up the product’s claims of making you feel young again is not strong enough.

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