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Progentra Review – How Effective is This Product?


MaxHealth Pro strives to provide readers with both an exclusive and in-depth insight into the male enhancement industry. One product that has recently been a hit in the online market is ‘Progentra.’


It is our mission to supply the facts and rid the fiction and In all our years in the industry there always seems to be a particular lingering issue: Is there the possibility of penis enlargement when using male enhancement supplements? When various credible websites suggest that penis enlargement is not a possibility and that penis size is due to a mixture of factors, which could never be influenced by a supplement it makes it seem highly unlikely that we might find something that challenges these statements. However, penis enlargement has, in fact, been patented by certain individuals who have studied the ingredients within supplements in the search for a perfect blend that can make this process possible.

A new male enhancement supplement is quickly making the rounds online due to having positive results throughout its test phase. Progentra has has the last phase of research and developing in the last six months which have made it clear to the company and its customers that it is a product that is worth trying out! A group of select individuals were given samples of Progentra to see if the controlled double-blind testing would give the same results in actual users – the results were  amazing! Around 95% positive feedback was rounded up by people who agreed to test the pill and dozens of those also expressed satisfaction upon using Progentra at one month / full term.


There are has ten benefits promised to the  customers of Progentra. Not just the usual sex drive and sexual endurance boost, Progentra even states that a significant increase can be achieved with regards to the size of the penis as well as orgasm control and an increase in secretion of pheromones. The median time before users can start to experience the benefits from Progentra is about a half hour after taking the first dose. To gain a significant increase in penis size you would need to sustain consistent use for two weeks and long-term benefits like penis enlargement as well as orgasm control may also be achieved as a result of regular incorporation.


Other male enhancement pills tend to  concentrate on aphrodisiacs in order to produce a more prominent and noticeable advantage – an increased libido. Whereas, the ingredients in Progentra can be classified as three separate categories:

  1. Vasodilators influencing an improvement of blood flow to the penis.
  2. Testosterone boosters increasing the sex drive and pheromone release.
  3. Sexual endurance ingredients improving a man’s stamina during intercourse.
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Progentra, when being compared to most other male enhancement products, is absolutely revolutionary. Instead of using a random selection of ingredients to create a formula, the substances are carefully picked to ensure that they achieve the best performance. Each and every ingredient is put within the formula in great proportion and considering the effects of the other ingredients in the mix which allows all substances ample concentration. This is how Progentra reaches peak effectiveness without having to combine the formula with dangerous prescription drugs, like some other male enhancement supplements do.
Works in just minutes from consuming the initial dose through the use of fast-acting ingredients, Progentra triggers a spike in free testosterone levels, causing an increase in the sex drive. This boost helps alleviate the most common cause of erectile dysfunction which is a smart feature for Progentra, given the fact that many men normally only consider taking male enhancement supplements minutes before participating in sexual activity. Although Progentra has fast-acting elements, it also works a longer period of time to make sure to deliver the changes in the body.



Penis size increase of around 5 extra inches
Heightened sex-drive
Higher semen volume
Energy level boost


Penis size growth of up to 1 inch
Enhanced sex-drive
Semen volume increase
Higher energy levels


Progentra works to increase the volume of blood flowing to the penis during arousal

box-bottleProgentra works to increase the volume of blood flowing to the penis during arousal by using aphrodisiacs within the formula. Aphrodisiacs direct the blood flow to the penis and the vasodilators within the formula further intensify the effects of the aphrodisiacs. Vasodilators widen the blood vessels in order to allow more blood to flow directly to the penis. Another advantage of the aphrodisiacs is to make the user more receptive to sexual stimulus and this makes erections occur more often. Frequent  erections plays the vital role in the penis enlargement process because they influence the penile chambers to adapt to the increased volume of blood flowing directly to the penis. The penile chambers, (known as the corpora cavernosa), expand as to accommodate the increased blood flow. The expansion allows a significant increase to the penis’ length as well as the girth.

There are further benefits from the use of Progentra aside from penis enlargement and libido boost alone, this formula also makes it possible for users to gain better control over their orgasms. Due to having hormone balancers the neurotransmitters that prevent users from gaining full control over the intensity and frequency of their orgasms become inhibited.

Considering that Progentra is a potent testosterone booster, it also makes the user much more biologically-attractive to the opposite sex. Pheromones are natural chemical signals picked up by the female sense of smell and this indicates a potential biological match. Grooming oneself and ensuring that yours smell good would definitely work on attraction, but pheromones are truly what make men biologically attractive to the opposite sex.  Progentra helps men achieve better sexual health whilst also helping them to become more attractive!



L-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid used to increase nitric oxide levels in the body as to trigger contraction of the smooth muscles in the arteries. This allows a higher amount of blood to flow through the blood vessels. The role of L-Arginine within Progentra is to promote a better blood flow to the penis, but it is also an ingredient found in many bodybuilding supplements too. A higher concentration of L-Arginine can be found in Progentra, and when used in conjunction with potent aphrodisiacs, the consistent use of Progentra containing L-Arginine will easily promote the penis enlargement process.


This substance is one of the most effective pro-erectile ingredients ever used in male enhancement supplements. Tongkat Ali, also known as the Asian Viagra,

fulfils three roles in the formula of Progentra.

  1. Testosterone boosting: Tongkat Ali greatly increased the libido and thus potentiates erections.
  2. Blocking free calcium: Tongkat Ali helps to prevent a flaccid penis while engaging in any form of sexual activity.
  3. Increasing blood volume: When used in conjunction with a potent vasodilator like L–Arginine, Tongkat Ali can help increase the volume of blood as well as the pressure to the penile chambers. This would trigger an overall increase in the size of the penis.


One of the most potent testosterone boosters used in the market today, Tribulus Terrestris is also incorporated into some bodybuilding supplements to increase testosterone for muscle building. When this substance is found in the formula of Progentra, it is contained at a much more concentrated form, which stacks with the  other testosterone boosters to generate more benefits. Overall, Tribulus Terrestris inflicts a much more intense libido and an  effective release of pheromones.

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The fast acting component of Progentra is focused on Muira Puama, another potent testosterone booster. Since this substance could be easily absorbed by the body, its effects are one of the first that can be observed by the user. It only takes Muira Puama is around a half hour after consumption to experience a spike in libido levels. While this ingredient works fast, it doesn’t wear off easily and the other ingredients being absorbed by the body are stacked with Muira Puama as to create a much more intensified effect.


Experts tout Maca Root as the ultimate sexual enhancement supplement ingredient. It is one of the few substances that is used by both men and women. Its nature as a hormone balancer, means that it works by prolonging the effects of an increased levels of the male hormone testosterone. Maca Root is especially helpful for men because it helps one to control their orgasms. Inhibiting certain neurotransmitters that are known to prevent a man from getting aroused again directly after reaching sexual climax and an orgasm.


To say that we have seen many products as men’s health experts, we have never come across a product quite like Progentra. We have seen and tested both good and poor products in the market, but Progentra took us by surprise. This formula is one of the most comprehensive to meet the sexual health needs of men – starting with the  attraction aspect all the way to sexual performance enhancement – every counterpart is considered by Progentra. It is obvious that people who have carefully studied the needs of men helped to create this formula. Despite being a newcomer in the supplement industry, everything about Progentra gives competitors a kick to have to step up their game!