Reddit Users Reveal Why They’re Low on Libido

by Scott Elliot
couple low libido

Reddit is a place where people can share their personal experiences more openly, making it a haven for people whose stories seem weird and uncommon. Despite their unusual stories, they find a handful of people who can relate to them. This alone gives them comfort and solace. At least they’re not alone in their silent battle.

Since society expects men to be always prepared for sexual encounters, issues concerning low libido and low sex drive are least discussed. And more often than not, most women who have high libido but with low libido partners are more open at sharing about their unpleasant experiences.

For this, a Reddit community asked men to spill out their side concerning their low libido issues. Some men heed to the call and give the following causes for their low libido. Truly, some of them are unheard of.

Sexual assault survivor

One low libido guy admitted that stress and anxiety drove away his ability to get horny, which is quite normal for most guys. He found it impossible to get hard under these challenging situations. Consequently, it ruined some of his relationships where the girl had a much higher libido.

But what bogged him more was his inability to enjoy more pleasurable sex even when all the conditions were perfect. He revealed he was a sexual assault survivor, making sex incredibly difficult for him.

Work life

stressed at workAnother guy was thankful his low libido episodes were over. He said he worked too much and craved for sleep and relaxation more than sex. After realizing he was overworked, he made adjustments and was happy to find his normal sex drive once again.


Depression is another reason why men and even women can suffer from low libido. Lots of users admitted their bouts with depression that led to their low sex drive. Thankfully, depression is treatable.

Neglect and damage to self-esteem

Some men in long term relationships revealed that their wives or partners constantly rejected them and never initiated for sex. Over time, this led to damage in their self-esteem and ultimately to their low libido and sex drive.

Negative attitude

Another user shared his girlfriend had such a bad mouth she wished he’d be murdered and she’d help the murderer hide his dead body. Her negative attitude impacted his sex drive and he lost sexual interest in her every time they fought.

Lack of sleep

One user said his lack of sleep led him to lose interest in sex. Because sex requires ample energy which he lacked, his sex drive nosedived.

Schizoid personality disorder

Some people are faced with disorders that are caused by imbalances in the chemicals within their system. After thorough research, one Reddit user who happened not to get bothered with sex drive and libidos presumed he had a schizoid personality disorder. People with this condition tend to lack interest in social relationships, are solitary, secretive, detached, and emotionally cold.

But despite his condition, this user found an understanding girlfriend who seems not to care about his low sex drive. Still, commenters advised him to seek professional help for the sake of his girlfriend and his right to enjoy pleasurable sex.


Another less popular cause of low libido is dysthymia or persistent depressive disorder, which is a continuous, long term form of depression. People with this condition show no interest in daily activities and find it hard to be upbeat even on happy occasions.

The Reddit user who admitted to having this condition said he doesn’t think of sex 24/7. He’s married and has two kids but never initiated sex. He can get off when he’s in the sack but never felt excited about it beforehand.

In the medical perspective, psychiatric symptoms of hypogonadism, like irritability, loss of libido, fatigue, and dysphoria, overlap with symptoms of dysthymic disorder.


Another user gives a long but common list of the causes of his low libido. Included in his list were erectile dysfunction, loss of attraction, cheating, weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, asexual, wrong partner, boredom, too much screen time, anxiety, and depression, most of which are symptoms of low libido and sex drive.

Truth is, no one can say what’s a normal libido since this varies from person to person along with factors that are unique for everyone. And as we have observed from the above experiences, not all low libido is caused by low testosterone, though it’s the most common cause. Yet, it pays to correct the testosterone to normal levels to enhance one’s libido and improve sex drive.

For men whose condition doesn’t require serious medical intervention, exercise, diet, lifestyle modification, and testosterone supplementation can be the best intervention to raise testosterone levels and enhance libido.

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