Review of the Product Nature’s Pure 5-HTP

by Scott Elliot

Nature’s Pure 5-HTP Introduction

This weight loss supplement asserts to be purely and completely made of natural ingredients. It is said to be efficient in controlling your food cravings, encouraging better mood, getting you to sleep better and ultimately promoting weight loss. With this, Nature’s Pure 5-HTP purports to be a remarkable weight loss discovery that is said to help you achieve shed pounds without the struggle and challenging of dieting and working out.

The claims are appealing, but before digging in, you might want to think of the following factors:

Getting to Know Nature’s Pure 5-HTP

preview-full-shutterstock_4498818975-HTP or 5-Hydroxytryptophan) is essentially an amino acid that’s naturally occurring. It is also a chemical precursor and a metabolic intermediary in the biosynthesis of the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin from tryptophan. This component is actually available over the counter in the UK, US and Canada. It is offered as a nutritional supplement to address sleeping problems and even depression. This also acts as a regulator of one’s desire for foods as it represses your urge to eat too much.

Mostly, this is developed using the seeds of the African plant Griffonia simplicifolia.


The Efficiency of Nature’s Pure 5-HTP

On the official site of the product, there’s reference on a 1989 study performed at the University of Rome to substantiate their assertions. The result of the research read:

“The administration of 5-hydroxytryptophan resulted in no changes in mood state but promoted typical anorexia-related symptoms, decreased food intake and weight loss during the period of observation.”

On the other hand, 5-HTP is indicated as only a potentially effectual solution for curing depression and fibromyalgia. To test if it works as an anti-depressant, the participants were provided 50mg-3,000mg doses of 5-HTP. Still, we have no information of the exact quantity of 5-HTP included in Nature’s Pure 5-HTP. We’re also uncertain whether 5-HTP in the supplement is sufficient to generate positive result.

Hence, there’s inadequate scientific proof demonstrating 5-HTP’s effectiveness for weight loss, regardless if it comes from Nature’s Pure or any other companies.


What are the Adverse Reactions?

Overall, users should build tolerance with consumption of 5-HTP. There are some adverse reactions, though, the most typical being stomach discomfort.

Meanwhile, Supplement View says that some of the individuals who have used this supplement came to be afflicted with eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS). This is a severe illness where there’s serious muscle soreness (myalgia) and abnormalities of the blood (eosinophilia). There are some who believe that this condition could have been started by an ingredient or contaminant inadvertently created in some 5-HTP supplements. Still, the scientific support proving that EMS occurs because of 5-HTP, another contaminant or other factor is lacking. It is important that one is careful with the use of this supplement until more information about it is available.


Nature’s Pure 5-HTP Marketing Ploys

Since the scientific substantiation this supplement has lacks depth and strength, it turns to the use of marketing schemes in order to lure people into buying the product. Simply put, customers find themselves buying Nature’s Pure 5-HTP due to their emotions rather than the facts involved.

The manufacturer does this by posting an image of a sexually appealing model in the upper left-hand corner of the page since this is where your eyes naturally fall. They also make the guarantee that with Nature’s Pure 5-HTP you can shed pounds for a new you without exerting any efforts for dieting and exercising.

You’re then fed with information that lots of customers purchase this supplement that they’re having troubles with keeping up with the demands that supplies are running low, hence giving you a sense of intense necessity.

So, you act on your impulse and try to make an order, to find relief in knowing that they still have available stocks for you. You enter your information and before you know it you’ve already ordered it without even thinking it through and considering the possible consequences.


Other Supplements Containing 5-HTP

Also, 5-HTP is actually a usual supplement, so it’s basically offered by lots of other companies. It’s highly typical that you can even buy one from your local drugstore, maybe brands less expensive than Nature’s Pure 5-HTP. Apparently, buying something from your local store instead of making an order online saves you money as you don’t need to pay for the shipping and handling in case you want to return the product due to its unsatisfactory performance.

Nature’s Pure 5-HTP Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

This supplement can be purchased via these four selections:

1 Bottle: $47 plus $4.95 S&H

3 Bottles: $97

5 Bottles: $147

7 Bottles: $197

This product is offered along with a 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling fees. You also need to pay a restocking fee of $4.95 for single bottle purchases. For more than one bottle orders, the restocking charge if $9.95. To get a refund, call the customer service at this number: 866-379-0232.


Bottom Line: Is Nature’s Pure 5-HTP Effectual in Promoting Weight Loss?

preview-full-shutterstock_288276986For one, this nutritional supplement has no sufficient clinical confirmation that it can really deliver any significant weight loss results. Plus, it’s too expensive and its high price cannot be justified by the quality and efficiency of the product since there’s no strong scientific evidence backing the claims.

Besides, when it comes to weight loss management, the only ways that can produce substantial outcome are healthy diet and regular fitness regimen. Generally, there aren’t any miracle or magic pills that you can just take and expect results without doing anything. If it’s too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true. Supplements can help, but there are only a few ones in the market that really work and able to generate positive gains. That is why it is crucial to select a product based on an informed decision and not an emotional one.


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