Reviewing the Safety & Efficacy of Seremolyn

by Scott Elliot

Seremolyn Introduction

preview-full-shutterstock_281175197This nutritional supplement is intended as a mood booster and one that you take to be soothed. Seremolyn touts to aid in smoothening your body’s natural generation of serotonin. It also claims to increase mood, reduce anxiety, fight depression, lessen obsessive thinking, enhance levels of energy and provide yourself a total sense of peace.

To obtain this, the supplement is said to deliver a stable flow of amino acids into your body. These amino acids serve as chemical precursors to serotonin alongside other components that can potentially enhance your mood. These are:

Vitamin D3 1000IU
Niacin 30mg
Vitamin B6 20mg
Magnesium 40mg
L-Tryptophan 400mg
5-HTP 150mg
Mood Blend 450mg: Valerian Root Extract, Chamomile Extract, Lemon Balm Extract, Jujube

Seremolyn’s official site said that the supplement is produced in the United States in a FDA-evaluated and GMP-sanctioned laboratory.

To start encountering these health gains, the manufacturer says you’re only required to consume three capsules every day with food. As a matter of fact, the company behind Seremolyn asserts that their product has been used by over 20,000 individuals, which makes it the greatest mood booster pill there is.

How Efficient are the Components in Seremolyn?

In general, there are some researches demonstrating that not having enough Vitamin D can portray a great part in the formulation of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). On the other hand, supplementation of Vitamin D cannot possibly cause any gains unless you have a deficiency.

Meanwhile, chamomile and lemon balm may be potentially efficient for curing anxiety.

But there seems to be inadequate clinical proof demonstrating that niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium, l-tryptophan, 5-HTP, valerian, or jujube can generate any positive health gains as made it seem by the supplement’s creator.

What are the Adverse Reactions?

Regardless of the insufficient evidence as to the effectiveness of the components in Seremolyn, these said ingredients appear to be harmless and users should be tolerant of them with no serious medical repercussions, just a minor stomach discomfort.

Bear in mind that chamomile belongs to the same family as marigolds, so this could lead to allergies for those customers with high sensitivity. Also, the niacin in Seremolyn can cause skin redness.

Most notably, tryptophan is categorized as potentially dangerous when ingested orally. This is due to more than 1500 reports of eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS), which has lead to 37 fatalities.

The Connection Between Seremolyn and OptiMind

There was a consumer feedback on the website that indicates a connection to OptiMind. It could be some sort of a typographical error, but it’s reasonably a sturdy proof that Seremolyn and OptiMind are created by only one manufacturer. Or, maybe, both their websites were made by one developer, who made a huge error.

Seremolyn Arbitration Agreement

Lastly, you need to remember that by purchasing the supplement on the official site, you are committing to their arbitration agreement by default. This means that your rights as a customer are being put into limit, such as becoming part of a trial by jury or a class action lawsuit. So, in the instance that Seremolyn causes you any health damage, your choices of actions against the company become direly restricted, as mentioned earlier.

What Users Have to Say about the Product?

Even though Seremolyn’s URL has been listed since December 2014, we found limited genuine customer feedbacks online discussing Seremolyn’s performance. The limited user reviews automatically question the company’s assertion saying their product has already been used by over 20,000 people. Because if this were true, online forums, review sites, online stores and the likes would be filled with user comments and testimonials. But as mentioned, this is not the case.

On the other hand, there were two user feedbacks on as of this writing. These reviews had an average score of 4 stars with both reporting that Seremolyn was effective. But one originated from an account with only two feedback and both were published within a short span of time. What’s more is that both of these reviews didn’t seem like they came from real customers, but more of endorsements from affiliates. Thus, this strongly indicates that these reviews aren’t legitimate.

We also uncovered a bunch of reviews that were made by the said affiliates as they often resort to creating fake reviews that are designed to look like they’re from customers when they’re not. Their purpose is to mislead prospective buyers into purchasing the product.

Furthermore, Seremolyn is produced by a company that is mainly headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The manufacturer is not registered with Better Business Bureau. We also didn’t find any supplementary information about the company on the web.

Seremolyn Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

This particular supplement is offered in three multiple selections:

1 Bottle: $49.85 plus $9.95 S&H
3 Bottles: $99.70 plus free S&H
5 Bottles: $149.55 plus free S&H

Whatever package you select, your purchase also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee with less shipping and handling charges. There’s also a $5 restocking charge for every unit that applies.

For your refund request to be processed, call customer support at 888-317-8177.

Is Seremolyn Effective for Boosting Your Mood?

For one, consider the fact that there are no adequate solid clinical facts that the components in the product work as advertised when it comes to enhancing mood and other benefits claimed. Plus, also consider the fact that the company behind Seremolyn engages in underhanded marketing ploys. Thus, we believe that Seremolyn cannot actually live up to its promise and its cost is too steep as well. It would be unreasonable, basing on the facts, to expect it to produce remarkable effects.

If you are experiencing an unrelenting lack of energy, depression, or persistent anxiety, then it would be wiser to consult your physician for a more reliable form of answer or treatment on how to improve your brain health and performance.

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