Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake

by Scott Elliot

Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake: General Idea

preview-full-green-smoothieThis meal replacement shake claims to be enriched in proteins and other nutrients that can be taken as a full meal substitute. The purpose is to reduce the calorie consumption and eventually lose weight. Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake is somehow unique because it was specifically designed for women who want to lose weight without struggling so much. As everyone knows, choosing the right foods with low calorie content is challenging. Protein shakes or meal replacement shakes made it easier for all the dieters out there. With such products, one can lose weight while still being ensured that their bodies receive the essential nutrients they need to function properly everyday. This is how these products are described to work.

Since 35% of the calories in Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake originates from protein, it’s also capable of providing your muscles refinement without the need for a higher amount of calories. This protein shake also claims to supply your body with 21 vitamins and minerals for a balanced nutrition that keeps you healthy and your energy levels high – all this while being assured that your calorie consumption is low.

In this article, a comprehensive assessment of the product Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake will be provided. This can help you make the conscious decision of whether trying this product or not.

About the Company

Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake is created by Maxitone. This is a brand formulated by the company Maxinutrition. Its objective is to support women in their quest for weight loss, which is why the company offers other weight loss products that includes supplements, bars, tablets and shakes. The brand was introduced back in 2010. Despite being new in the industry, it has already won some awards making the brand well-known in the market.

The company sees itself as a leading figure when it comes to health empowerment among women. It is devoted in sustaining its industry position by being ahead of the game.

The product Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake claims to help women in maintaining a normal weight permanently. This product is an expedient protein shake that can be consumed as a substitute to your regular meals without sacrificing your body’s need for a balanced nutrition and high energy levels.

Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake Components

The product site did not divulge the comprehensive list of the components used in its formulation. Based on the nutrition label, this protein shake has 17 grams of protein, 10 grams of sugar, 10 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, 21 mg of green tea and 1 gram of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA).

In total, Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake delivers 200 calories per portion.

How Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake Function?

The approach that’s being done here is lessening the caloric consumption daily so that it ultimately results to weight loss. Studies have shown that the caloric content taken each day is linked to an individual’s weight. Thus, by cutting down your consumption of calories on a regular basis, the body gets to torch more fat. The endgame is weight loss.

The brand suggests that this protein shake will show its optimal potential when used as a meal replacement once to twice daily. It can be breakfast or lunch, or even both. With this and following a fitness plan, weight loss can be achieved eventually.

Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake Product Features

preview-full-140548-425x282-almond-milk-protein-shakeThe product allows you to cut down your calorie consumption.

It contains 21 various vitamins and minerals.

The total calorie content of this protein shake is 200.

The instructions for preparation are simple.

Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake Adverse Reactions

Since nearly all the components used in the formula are from natural sources, Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake should be harmless for human consumption. On the other hand, the presence of CLA could trigger stomach upset to some users. Putting this aside, the use of Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake has no serious health repercussions.

Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake Cost

A single bottle (700 grams) of this product which has 14 packets is offered on the product site for £24.99. There’s a refund available for Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake. If you’re a member of their loyalty program, you could get the product with discounts after garnering the necessary points.

Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake Free Samples

It’s not indicated on the official site whether there’s free sample available. But if you’ve garnered the needed points, you could get one bottle for free.

Customer Reviews/Feedbacks

On Amazon, it has an average rating of 3.6 out of 5 where 61 users evaluated the product. 25 out of 61 were pleased with Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake’s performance and results while 9 customers were unhappy. The primary issue that was pointed out by the displeased users was its poor taste. Putting this aside, Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake seems to be doing just fine in terms of its efficiency and safety.

Bottom Line: Is Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake Genuine?

Overall, it cannot be said that Maxitone Sculptress Diet Shake is reasonably priced, because it’s not. In terms of efficiency though, it has loyal customers who can vouch that this product works. If you’re from the United Kingdom and you have weight loss goals, you can give this protein shake a try to see for yourself.


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