Is Your Sex Life Lacking Something? Try These Tips!

by Scott Elliot

You may be concerned about your sex life and there are many good reasons for that. The thing you must know is that you have control over your sex life, so make sure you do something about it. Whether you are in a new relationship or you have been in a relationship for years, there are some things you need to make sure you are always doing. In fact, you should know that one of the main reasons married couples get divorced is because they don’t do some of these things. The honeymoon part of a relationship needs to last and it is up to you to make that happen. Don’t let your sex life get boring or stale. Spice it up with these amazing tips!

shutterstock_340764065Passionate Kissing

Did you know that almost 90% of people in longer term relationships don’t kiss passionately anymore? What is considered longer term in these studies? Only 6 months into a relationship, many people stop kissing passionately. Don’t let this happen to your relationship and if it has, bring back the passionate kisses immediately. Don’t just kiss your partner because you feel like you have to do it because you want to. Show her how badly her want her through the kisses. She will appreciate this and you will be surprised at how much it turns her on as well!

Making Love in the Bedroom

Sometimes women are highly stressed out and this may frustrate you at times but it is the truth. They may expect to just go to the bedroom and relax. However, doing that isn’t going to get them any less tense. What can you do about this? Making love in the bedroom can help. Studies actually show that making love can relieve stress. Jump in the bedroom with her and start giving her a massage. She will appreciate this and before you know it you will be making love!

shutterstock_62700331Withholding Sex

You may think that by withholding sex you aren’t going to get any sex. However, many sex experts show that you will bring out her desires if you suppress sex. Now this doesn’t mean you should do that for months. Just hold back a bit. Don’t make sex a habit. If you do that, sex will be expected and won’t be great. You will get bored with each other. Start withholding sex a bit and you will see that soon enough, if you tease her, she will be begging you for it and that will increase the pleasure for both of you.

Give Her Fantasies and Surprise Her

When you are in a longer term relationship, you need to make sure you are still giving her the satisfaction you used to. Make sure you are still giving her fantasies that she desires. Make sure you are surprising her with romance and excitement. To keep your sex life alive, these fantasies and surprises can bring a lot to the game.

Your sex life is lacking something but you are not sure what? You can use these tips to bring everything back into action and make your sex life 110% again. She will enjoy that you are putting forth more effort as well. This will bring greater orgasms for the both of you.

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