Sex Tips That Come Right from The Women

by Scott Elliot

When you are looking for sex tips that are going to help you please a woman, where do you think you should get those from? The best place to get them is right from the women. There is no better place to find out what women actually want unless you get that information from them. You have hit the goldmine here because you are going to find out what is in women’s minds when it comes to sex.

Romance is Needed

preview-full-Yamata-no-orochi_largeYou may want to jump right into sex but most women aren’t like that. When you are dating someone new, you need to show her that you care about her. Jumping into sex the first few dates probably isn’t going to happen. Romance is needed. If you are going to get and keep a woman, you need to show her romance. Maybe make her a homemade dinner, go for a walk with her or take her somewhere she has always wanted to go. These are romantic gestures that can help you eventually get sex from the woman you are interested in. In fact, you should know that most women consider romance to be a form of foreplay.

Personalize Asking Her Out

When you are asking a woman out, you need to make sure you are personalizing things when you ask her out. She doesn’t want some lame question like “Will you go to dinner with me?” No. She wants you to make it special for her. Women want you to ask them to go out like it means something to you. Make a speech. Tell her she’s pretty and that you want to spend more time getting to know her before you ask her out. Tell her something special you like about her specifically before you ask her out. These are some ways you can make asking her out more special so that it increases your chances of getting a date and eventually leading that to having sex with her.

Give Her More Time

When you do get around to having sex with the woman you are attracted to, after you have used romance and personalized asking her out, you need to remember that women generally take twice as long to peak during sex than men do. Sometimes it even takes longer than that. The first time that she has sex with you may take even longer until she gets used to you. What should you do then? Don’t make her feel uncomfortable about this. Also, make sure that she is able to peak before you, especially the first few times that you have sex with her. Give her foreplay, a massage, use oils and make her feel like she is at the top of your list. You need to give her more time than what you need so that she knows you care about pleasing her.

Talk About Different Positions and Techniques

When it comes to getting the best sex ever with her, you need to talk about different positions, techniques and even her fantasies as well. Most men think that they shouldn’t talk to women about these things. They think women don’t want to discuss this. However, the truth is that most women want to tell you what positions they like the most, what techniques they like and even talk about their fantasies. Now, of course, this shouldn’t be talked about right when meeting her but after having sex once or twice you can casually bring these things up.

preview-full-shutterstock_359837495Now that you have a better idea of the sex tips that come right from the women, you will have more of a chance of getting the woman you want and eventually having sex with her. Women want you to know what they are thinking and what they want, especially when it comes to sex. The more you know about what they want, the less awkward and uncomfortable things are. Of course, each woman is different from the other, but most women still want similar things when it comes to having sex with a man they are attracted to. Now, you can do what you will with the information you have learned here today.

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