Sex Tips to Get Her and Keep Her

by Scott Elliot

You have a desire to get a woman and keep her, right? Of course, you do and that is why you are here. Today you are going to read about some amazing sex tips that allow you to do this. She is going to be on the way to you sooner than you could have imagined. Don’t let these tips slide away from you and make sure you start using them right away.

shutterstock_344846132Use Romance

Many men completely forget about using romance when pursuing a woman. The truth is if you want to have sex with her, romance is the way to get her there. Woman crave men who act upon romance. Do anything you can think of to be romantic with here and before you know it things will be going your way in and out of the bedroom.

State Your Desire for Her

Many women will not have sex until they are sure the man wants hers. There is something you can do about this. She wants to feel desired so what are you going to do about it? You can state your desire for her. Let her know how attracted you are to her and let her know how much you would desire to even just kiss her passionately. She will be turned on by this tremendously.

Take Your Time with Her

If you try to rush her into sex, you are going to make her feel bad about herself. You must remember that women take longer than men to get aroused and even longer to orgasm. Spend your time pleasing her before the sex so she can orgasm quicker after starting to have sex. If you do this she is going to believe you are the best man that ever walked this earth.

shutterstock_359837495Try New Things

Is your partner getting bored with you? If so, you need to try new things with her sexually. You need to try new positions and techniques. Try to open-up about your fantasies and get her to open-up about hers as well. Spice things up in and out of the bedroom. Show her you can be spontaneous and keep pleasuring her repeatedly. Need even more new things to try? Give Blue Lighting male enhancement supplements a try. Those are sure to keep her coming back for more.

Know How to Touch Her

Women want to be touched all over. She wants to know you can touch her and turn her on with just a finger, no matter where that finger might be placed on her. Show her how much you desire her by giving her a back rub, running your fingers up and down her back and playing with her hair.

If you want to get a woman and keep her, you need to be sure to incorporate the above tips right away.

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