Star fruit 10 amazing Health benefits

by Scott Elliot
star fruit

Star fruit is a sweet and sour tropical fruit, scientifically known as Averrhoa  Carambola. When the fruit is sliced horizontally, a star shape is visible giving the fruit its name. It is widely harvested in Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Bangladesh. Due to its nutritional value, it is now cultivated in the Caribbean, Latin America, various parts of the US. Star fruit has generally become popular in western countries.

The star fruit can be eaten raw as a whole including the firm juicy skin which is loaded with minerals  because of its healthy sugar content which never goes beyond 4%, even in a ripened Carambola or can be enjoyed as jams, jellies, juices, and smoothies

The Carambola is a healthy fruit rich in antioxidants, highly packed with water-soluble vitamin C and fiber that fights conditions like cancer and inflammation effectively.

Here are only some out of the many health benefits of the star fruit;

Sugar level regulation

The high fiber content of the fruit prevents sugar cravings and regulates irregular sugar rates in your blood flow. Due to these factors, star fruit is a recommendation for diabetic patients looking to widen their fruit options.


Rejuvenating skin cells

Toxins are cleared from the body system by antioxidants such as vitamin C present in the star fruit. Other essential nutrients in it can treat skin diseases like pigmentation, acne, and eczema. The nutrients are effective enough to fade away acne scars leaving your skin radiant and healthy. The vitamin C goes into the skin for a deep pore treatment, repairing damaged cells and tissues. The star fruit prevents wrinkles and is an all-around anti-aging boost for your skin.


Aids digestion

The rich fiber content of the fruit helps to aid the digestion process in the body system. The soluble fiber promotes the growth of good bacteria which will increase your system’s ability to fight various infections that lead to severe conditions.


Enhances weigStar fruit 10 amazing Health benefitsht loss

The low calorie, low fat, nutrient-packed fruit is ideal for enhancing weight loss. The fiber and water content also gives satiety, which is, giving a feeling of being filled for longer hours. It also controls your appetite for a healthy weight loss. Regular consumption is as safe as can be because 100grams per serving of the star fruit contains only just 31 calories.


Heart and Blood flow regulation Star fruit 10 amazing Health benefits

The zero cholesterol makes the fruit an all the more healthy option. The potassium, sodium, and magnesium present in the star fruit help to maintain blood pressure and regulate muscle functions especially in the heart. Star fruit is in general, beneficial to the cardiovascular system.



The rich content of vitamin C helps in boosting the system’s cleansing functions. The growth of free radicals in the body caused by lack of antioxidants can be slowed down by vitamin c being an antioxidant, therefore reducing cancer risks.



Being rich in water-soluble vitamins especially vitamin C, which is a potent antioxidant, the star fruit boosts the functions of your immune system, increasing your body’s capability to fight common infections and diseases. A regular amount of star fruit should be consumed because the body does not store vitamin C. That is, as the body excretes, vitamin C is lost.

Vitamin C is also a good nutrient for improving the absorption of iron.


Improves your eyesight

Essential vitamins such as vitamin A help to maintain good eyesight. It also helps to resist factors that affect the eyes or cause any eye issues such as cataracts and so on.


Protein source

Star fruits contain protein nutrients. Protein performs a wide range of functions in the body including increasing metabolic rates. It also enhances energy, boosts your immune system, and prevents deficiencies.


Pain relief

The star fruit compound made up of magnesium aids in healing pains. From headaches, backaches, muscle, and joint aches, or might just be normal aches from after exercise, you can alleviate the various pains by consuming star fruits. For severe pains, however, do consult a physician.


Other benefits are its antimicrobial properties and cough prevention.



In summary, The Carambola is a nutrient-packed fruit that is beneficial to the human body and system in various ways. It is however not advised for patients recovering from or still suffering from kidney failure, kidney stones, or any sort of kidney problems to prevent recurrence of the issues.


Also, if you are on any prescribed drug, and you feel the need the take star fruit, do well to seek your doctor’s approval before proceeding.





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