Surprising Lifestyle Changes That Will Improve Your Sex Life

by Leo Cartland

You probably already know that quitting smoking, exercising, and decreasing your stress levels will have positive effects on your sex life. However, there are several surprising changes you can make in your day-to-day life to see even more enhancements. Some of these lifestyle changes are easier to make than others, so try to integrate them into your life slowly. A better sex life can lead to an overall sense of well-being and satisfaction with your life, so it is worth a try to change some of your habits.

Get More Sleep

Those all-night bedroom sessions that might have been common in the early days of your relationship are not such a good idea in the long-term. A chronic lack of quality sleep can deplete your sex drive and harm your sexual performance. Sleep boosts your body’s testosterone levels, and that translates into all sorts of benefits, including a better sex life. Another advantageous side effect of a restful night of sleep is the ability to exercise more, make healthier food choices, and feel better about yourself. Who does not feel sexier in a fit and well-fed body? So, make sleep a priority, and you will, in turn, improve the other activity your bed was meant for.

Cut Down on Caffeine

Surprising Lifestyle Changes That Will Improve Your Sex LifeWhile one or two daily cups of coffee are likely to actually boost your energy and mood, drinking too many caffeinated beverages throughout your day might lower your sex drive and performance. It turns out that over-consuming caffeine tends to put too much stress on your adrenal glands. These stressed-out glands then release hormones that dampen your drive and ability to perform. While adrenal fatigue can be caused by several factors, drinking too many caffeinated beverages is a leading cause and one that is easy to remedy. That means switching your afternoon iced chai latte to a decaf could result in a more extended and satisfying love-making session that night.

Put Away the Porn

While it is still debated how much internet traffic is actually dedicated to porn-viewing, being addicted to watching pornography is on the rise. What used to be somewhat awkward or costly to gain access to is now free and plentiful. However, viewing too much porn can hurt your sex life. Porn stars are not realistic representations of real-life sex partners, nor are they accurate versions of most people’s sex lives. Your fantasy sex life that porn is a big part of may cause you to confuse fantasy with reality and real-life sex might seem stale and dull in comparison. Also, a significant amount of research has found a correlation between porn use and erectile dysfunction. Turn to your imagination or real-life turn-ons to supplement your fantasies instead of the on-screen varieties.

Visit the Dentist

Who would have guessed that visiting your dentist could improve your sex life? No, it is not to meet attractive singles in the waiting room. And, although enhancing your breath will make getting closer to your significant other much more arousing, getting a regular check-up at the dentist can go even farther to improve your libido and performance. Recent studies have found a strong correlation between gum disease and erectile dysfunction. The chronic inflammation brought on by gingivitis and periodontitis can damage blood vessels in your penis, resulting, quite literally, in a real downer of a situation in the bedroom. So, be sure to get your teeth and gums checked twice a year to keep those vessels strong and functioning.

Help Around the House

Do you want your live-in partner or spouse to be ready and willing to engage in romantic activities at the end of a long day? Well, it is vital that you are doing your fair share of household chores. Several surveys have found that having an equal division of domestic responsibilities will lead to higher satisfaction in the relationship and higher levels of intimacy. This will translate into a higher sex drive for both you and your partner. Sit down with your significant other and divvy up all the household chores that need tending to on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Coming up with a plan together also boosts your intimacy and shows that you are willing to work as a team to share the burden. Aren’t a few minutes devoted to putting those dinner plates in the dishwasher worth the trade-off?

Put Down That Donut

Surprising Lifestyle Changes That Will Improve Your Sex LifeSugary junk foods, like donuts, cakes, cookies, and ice cream could actually have a negative impact on your sex life. Excess sugar in your diet can lower testosterone, which is directly related to your libido. The insulin spikes brought on by chronic over-consumption of high-sugar foods can also lead to diabetes. More than half of all diabetics report a decrease in sexual desire and performance. Even if you are not diabetic, higher levels of insulin can also lead to other hormonal imbalances that affect your sex life. While an occasional sweet treat may not harm your bedroom activities, indulging in too many desserts could lead to a less-than-stellar sex life.

Take the TV out of Your Bedroom

And, get rid of all the other screens for that matter. Your bedroom should be a sacred space devoted to sleep and sex. Besides disrupting your natural sleep rhythms, television and other screened devices can distract you from your partner. These digital distractions are highly addictive and can quickly let you lose track of time. This time would be better spent building intimacy with your partner for the sake of your relationship and your satisfaction with your sex life. So, leave the screens for the living room and convert your bedroom into a romance-inducing love den.

If you are not satisfied with your sex life, try making these simple lifestyle changes and see what happens. You might find that you do not miss porn, that afternoon cup of joe, your nightly dessert, or watching your favorite binge-worthy show in bed. Maybe your partner will see your helpfulness around the house as foreplay. Finally, cleaner gums and teeth will undoubtedly make those intimate moments even sweeter.

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