The Art of Writing a Love Letter

by Leo Cartland

If I can give you guys one necessary piece of advice, it would be to write your lady a love letter. You’re probably wondering, “Why do I need to write a love letter? They’re so lame and corny.” Blah, blah, blah.

There are so many reasons to write her a love letter!

  • She likes to be romanced
  • She likes to see you put in that extra effort (because us ladies know you hate writing them)
  • She likes to see you get all mushy gushy about her
  • She likes to know what really matters – and what better way to show that then through a hand-written note

I mean, think about it guys. When was the last time you wrote a love letter and your girl didn’t instantly melt? This tradition has been going on for centuries (and plus, men are so much better at showing their love and feelings through a letter. If you guys say it out loud, you tend to shy away).

Bonus: At least when you write a love letter, you have time to go over it and see if you’ve missed any important information; In person, if you forget the info, it’s forgotten and has to be saved for another time.

But there are so many more benefits of doing this for your lady. For instance, when the two of you are texting, most of the meaningful words are lost. Writing a letter gets the receiver to pay attention to its contents more, mainly because it’s a tangible piece of paper that we can touch, hold, and bring with us everywhere (if we so choose).

I think it’s safe to say women cherish these heartfelt notes.

Plus, writing love letters is a way to look back on a relationship and to create a history that she can view as a record of your love. And, if the two of you break up, she’ll have something to burn to get that extra anger out.

So, let’s get into the nitty gritty of writing a perfect love letter. Now that I’ve told you the reasons for constructing such a letter, it’s time to tell you how to write one.

Always start the letter with your primary purpose.

old love letters and a single red roseYou want to start the letter off with why you’re writing it in the first place. If the first sentence is about your love for her, she’ll know what type of letter it is. But if you start the first sentence with how you’re unhappy, she’ll know it’s a different type of letter. Always state your purpose right away so that she knows and understands what she’s about to read. Don’t avoid the true purpose, because then she’ll start to feel anxious and/or nervous.

Throw in a romantic memory (if you want).

Each couple is different; Each couple has their own memories. If you choose to make your lady feel really good about the love letter, throw in a romantic memory. This memory should be unique to the two of you and should not be a cliché you can find in a romantic comedy. Plus, not only will this make her feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it will also make her happy that you remembered such a great moment shared between you two. But try to be as specific and as detailed as possible. She’ll love you more for it.

Transition the note immediately after the romantic memory.

A great suggestion here would be to transition the note over to some of the reasons you love your lady. This shows that you’re viewing your past with her as memorable, but now you want to talk about how you feel regarding her in the present. Don’t stop with how beautiful she is, though. Really dive into this section, it’ll make her very happy.

Focus on her physical appearance, her characteristics, her personality, and everything she does for you. But be sure to put all of these attributes into a sentence with a bunch of descriptive words before and after it. For example, if she has a beautiful smile, say something along the lines of, “I can’t stop staring at you when you smile; Your lips are perfectly curled upwards, your cheeks become rosy, and your eyes light up. It makes me want to kiss you immediately, no matter where the two of us are.” I understand this is corny, and men don’t typically write like this, but hey, it’s a suggestion. Twist it whichever way you think would be more beneficial.

The Art of Writing a Love LetterInclude how you’ve changed.

When a man is in love with a woman, chances are his life has changed since she’s been in it. Let her know that your life has been better since the day you laid eyes on her, or since the day she first spoke to you, or since the day the two of you went on your first date. Tell her how lucky or how blessed you are to have such a wonderful woman to share your life with.

Tell her how much you love her and tell her how committed you are to her.

You’ve probably told her both of these things a dozen times, but she likes to constantly know you feel this way about her. It will never get sickening. And, if it’s written on paper, she’ll be able to go back and look at it whenever she wants to.

End the note off with a unique sentence explaining your love for her.

Ending the note is always the hardest part of writing one. But think of something unique that you truly feel and that she’ll truly love. For example, say something along the lines of, “I will always love you and keep you in my heart, no matter what happens,” or, “You are my best friend and I hope to God I never lose you.” Again, it’s cliché and corny, but I know you guys have feelings like that. Share it with her. She will appreciate it.

Remember, it’s okay to be cheesy when writing your note. Most of the things you write in it will only be shared among the two of you, as love letters are very personal (so don’t worry, your friends won’t be seeing this side of you). But no matter how cheesy you are, remember to always be original. Don’t copy things from sample love letters or things from romantic movies. Write what you feel and write what you want her to know.


By Jenny Lyn

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