Things You Must Do Before You Start Your Work Out

by Scott Elliot

If you are going to follow through with a workout program and you should be doing that, there are some things you must do before you start your work out. These are things that are going to help you get more amazing results, help you to recover quicker and help you to feel better about yourself as well. You might have only squeezed enough time into your schedule to do your work out session for the day but you need to make it all count. The things that you are doing before you do your work out are important so pay attention to the information you learn about here.

Eating Something

You should always make sure you are eating something before you work out. It should be something small, easily digestible and healthy. A good example would be a banana. You should make sure whatever you are eating is done within the hour before you start your work outs. Even when you exercise first things in the day, start with something small to eat. When you work out later in your day, you must eat at least within the two hours before your work out session. The choices of what you eat shouldn’t be heavy and they should not be full of fiber either. If you feel too full before you work out, your work out results are going to suffer.



You may want to try out static stretching. This type of stretching is going to help you prep your body so you are more flexible. This will reduce chances of injury and give you the warm up you need. It will get your muscles moving and help you to get in more efficient work out sessions. Static stretching is important but you shouldn’t do it for too long. You should only hold each of the stretches for a little over half a minute. If you just do this for a couple of minutes, you can improve flexibility and range of motion before your work outs. If you are option out of static stretching, you still need to do some sort of stretches. You might find dynamic stretching the best option for you. These will also help to improve range of motion and flexibility. These types of stretches might include high knees, arm circles or jumping jacks. Instead of static stretching or dynamic stretching, you may also just want to do a soft jog or walk before your work out session.



It is very important that your body is hydrated before any work out session that you plan to do. You should make sure to drink one glass of water within 30 minutes before you start your work out session. If your work out session is longer than 10 minutes, you should be drinking some water during your session as well. Staying hydrated before, during and after your work out session is going to improve the results, help your recover faster and keep up your energy too.

Mental Prepping

It is important that you do some mental prepping before your work out session.This is going to help you stay more motivated throughout your work out session. It will also help you to have a plan before you go into the session so you get all the exercises you planned to done and in the order you wanted to as well. The plan you create with mental prepping will help you to push yourself to the limits. It will help you to beat times you previously set and achieve your work out goals as well. A plan is also going to help you keep on the right path and stick to your work out sessions as well.

These are things you must do before you start your work out sessions if you plan to have the best results and the most efficient work out sessions as well. If you aren’t doing these things, stop and take some time to make sure you are doing them from now on.

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