Treat Your Lower Back Pain without Medication

by Scott Elliot

Do you suffer from lower back pain? You may feel like you are alone in this but many other men suffer from this as well. There are a variety of reasons why someone may have lower back pain. You may have suffered an accident. You may just have soreness in your back each day. Posture issues could be causing these issues. No matter what the reason if you are concerned about your back pain but you don’t want to use medication to treat it, there are other options for you. You know that lower back pain is debilitating and doing any one of these things could make it ten times better. These are all natural treatments you can do right from your own home, when you are at work or anywhere else you may be.

shutterstock_316192880Static Stretches

You may have heard of static stretches before or you may not have. When you do static stretches, they do help to relieve chronic lower back pain. There is one stretch in which you roll up your body using both arms. You wrap them around your legs and roll forward and backward like a ball. Another type of static stretch is to put one of your legs flat down and bend your other leg up near your chest. Another position is to put that leg across the body to get more out of the stretch. You can do these right away in the morning and before you are heading to bed. These stretches help in decompressing your spine and loosening tense muscles in the lower back as well.


This may seem like a complicated word but it really isn’t too difficult. Cryokinetics is when you stretch while using ice. You just need to get a gel pack that you can freeze and reuse. You will lay it down on your lumbar spine area. You will then do side leg stretches for approximately 15 minutes or until the gel pack is no longer cold. You can do this along with static stretches a couple times each day.

26Hot Compression

To relieve lower back pain, you could also do hot compression therapy. This is excellent to do right before you are going to bed. The reason for this is because the heat will help to relax your body and ease the pain. You only need to fill up a water bottle with hot boiling water. You will then lay the bottle on the bed under your back. You can put a towel on the bottle so the heat is not directly touching your skin. This is helpful in treating muscle pain quickly.

Hot or Cold

Above you have read that you can use cold treatments or hot treatments to relieve lower back pain. So which one is better for you? Honestly, it will vary depending on what your pain is coming from. If you have pain in muscles or chronic pain the heat therapy is going to be better. If you have an injury related to swelling, then you will want to use ice more often than heat.

Now that you know how you can relieve lower back pain, you can start doing it right now. You will feel better before you know it.

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